Letters to the ed: Lockdown dodgers must suffer consequences


Unbelievable stupidity
Covid-19 and its variant strains are as deadly as any weapon of mass destruction!

To mindlessly decide your plans take precedence over common sense and restrictions, displays utmost selfishness.

To endanger the lives and livelihood of people in your path, without contemplating the risk you impose by prioritising your determinations, shows utter contempt for others.

This is how the virus is spread.

The Victorian couple both testing positive, travelling out of compulsory lockdown, through two states into the Sunshine Coast, deserves their own lockdown.

A fine alone cannot compensate for the serious fallout affecting businesses and communities in exposure spots over two states.

Jail time could be imminent.

These individuals playing God, travelling with personal agendas, ignoring Covid restrictions, threatened hard-fought Covid security in two states.

They must suffer significant consequences.

"No man is an island … we are all part of the continent." (John Donne)

- Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands


Harry's view on Queensland Olympics bid.
Harry's view on Queensland Olympics bid.



An Aussie stay-at-home mum of 16 spends $450 on groceries a week - and her Friday night takeaway bill is insane.

Evelin Macaskill: Lmao I spent over 1200 this fortnight on food granted I'm still restocking after moving house but I would love to know how she feeds them all so cheap.

Zoe Kertesz: I'd like to know how she's feeding 10 kids, herself and her husband on just $450 per week? I've only got 5 kids and spend around $300 per week. But mine does inc cleaning products, maybe hers doesn't.

Justine Elizabeth: Probably Amish and has a big farm for all the fresh food, eggs meat milk etc and only buys groceries for the non grow your own …

Marics Jacobmer Knopjes: And here I am thinking I've got waaayy too many kids and spent nearly the same as that in a fortnight.

Jamee Davies: Jesus, I'd like some tips on how they shop then We feed a family of 5 soon to be 6 & it's about that much.

Dane Heslin: $300 of that is on toilet rolls


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