Letter writer Jay Nauss says same sex marriage is a minefield.
Letter writer Jay Nauss says same sex marriage is a minefield. dolgachov


Same sex marriage opens mine field

THE yes/no vote propaganda for same sex marriage is heating up as we draw closer to receiving the ballots in the post.

However, we are not being told the whole truth of the matter. The proposal is for marriage between two people not between two of the same biological sex.

This makes all the difference in the world.

It means that transgender marriage would be allowed if the yes vote gets up.

TG is subjective and means one who is a male, but identifies as a female could marry a female and so on. It also means that anti-discrimination laws would require TG marriage to be treated as normal in schools.

Schools would have to explain that every person's gender is fluid.

QLD, NSW, SA and VIC education departments already require schools to allow TG students to use either girls or boys facilities.

We thus see we are being mislead and SSM will open up a mine field. Is that what the public really wants?

Jay Nauss

Glen Aplin

Have we changed that much, really?

IN MOST cases we should leave statues from the past alone.

The people the statues depict were humans and as such were made of shades of good and evil like the rest of us. Perhaps we have the most to learn by considering how people who clearly excelled in life and were considered role models of their time, were inclined to perpetrate the same evils as was considered normal in that age. We are victims of the prevailing mood of our time, more than most of us would care to admit.

We humans are masters of psychological trickery to preserve our own positive view of ourselves. The early settlers of European Australia chose to consider the native inhabitants as sub-human. Almost a different species. How else could they justify declaring this place as 'Terra Nullius', an empty land? Even the scientific knowledge of the time could have easily confirmed that the aborigine is just the same as the rest of us. This was an inconvenient truth. It was better for people to even contort the Bible to support their beliefs that non-Europeans were not equal. I am not casting white settlers as evil. It was just the way they had to look at the world at that time. Considering the natives equal would have made taking their lands morally challenging.

Just as the people of 200 years ago were influenced by the prevailing moral wind, or zeitgeist, so are we. The people in Manus and Nauru are a case in point. Unfortunately for those individuals, they fled to Australia and have become victims of domestic politics. Rather than confront the fact that many of these people have been in detention for up to five years with no end in sight, in conditions that at other times would have been labelled concentration camps, many of us tell ourselves a different story. These people have been cast as sub-human, dangerous, not like us. They have become deserving victims.

At first we just turned a blind eye. Things have changed now. Last week saw many people appear to be 'gloating' at the fact that the government had cut income support for a small number of these people who had managed to come to Australia.

There were cries of "bludger!”, conveniently ignoring the fact that these individuals are not permitted to work. Petty cruelty seems to be something that even some government MPs celebrate. Is this who Australians have become? People who delight in punishing the weak?

Rather than working ourselves into a frenzy about history, we must learn from it. Two hundred years on and we are still casting people as less than human to make our own actions acceptable. Maybe we should be asking ourselves what our descendants will think of our statues in 200 years.

Robert Forsythe


Get SSM issue over and done with

LISTEN to Andrew Bolt and I fear he could be right (re: same sex marriage). This has made my mind up for ME. All though his thoughts have been going threw My Mind. But get it over and done with I say.

GJ Smyth


What happened to the real issues?

JUST when you hoped we might get some bipartisan support for the real issues confronting our nation. Like health, education, cost of living pressures, home affordability etc; they find issues to divide us once again with issues that wouldn't rate in the top 20 for the average Joe.

It's a bit rich for Stan Grant to reopen old wounds by condemning 100-year-old statues that most people walk past and only notice the pigeons. The same Stan Grant leads a very privileged life with his high profile and higher education because Captain Cook sailed into Sydney Harbour. We cannot change the rights or wrongs of 250 years ago but we all need to move forward and look to the future and not have this argument again in another 200 years.

Then we have Tony Abbott fighting the great "moral challenge of our time” on same sex marriage. This is the same Tony Abbott who admitted breaking nine out of 10 commandments which would hardly stack up against most of the non-Christians. I think it's more about shafting Malcolm Turnbull.

When does this division end and nation building begin? We need to know where they all stand before the next election.

Col Goltz

Emu Park

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