Marriage equality advocates are seen during the 'Sea of Hearts' event outside Parliament House in Canberra last month.
Marriage equality advocates are seen during the 'Sea of Hearts' event outside Parliament House in Canberra last month. LUKAS COCH

OPINION: 'No' campaign has me worried for Christianity's reputation

Christians have a range of views

IT IS concerning that many commenting on the marriage equality issue, including most in support of the 'Yes' campaign, seem to generalising about what 'Christians' think.

A recent poll suggested that a small majority of Australian Christians are in favour of the 'Yes' campaign.

While the Australian Christian Lobby group (ACL), headed by Mr Lyle Shelton, has been getting most of the airtime, there is also an interdenominational group working in support of marriage equality, Australian Christians for Marriage Equality.

Despite the media airtime the ACL receives it is not the official representative of any religious institution.

It is funded by donations from what is thought to be a relatively small number of individuals. The ACL does not disclose who finances them.

A number of people in the ACL are also linked to the liberal party and the conservative side of politics.

The acronym could just as easily stand for 'Australian Conservative Lobby'.

The ACL has been responsible for a number of the more controversial 'No' campaign statements including the recent advert that implied that boys would soon be wearing dresses to school if the 'Yes' vote prevailed.

People are worried about the reputation of LGBTI people with this postal survey.

I am also worried about the reputation of Christians if it is popularly portrayed that the ACL speaks for all Christians.

The Christian people who I have spoken to who support the 'No' campaign do it in a much more respectful manner than the ACL.

It is also not true that Christians are the group in society to be opposed to same sex marriage, with polling suggesting other groups such as Muslims having more opposition to it.

So please editor and letter writers, please stop referring to the 'No' campaign as being synonymous with Christians.

While Mr Shelton would like government to believe that he is the 'high sparrow', his estimation of his own political power is as overreached as the idea that boys will soon be wearing dresses.

Robert Forsythe


Modern pollies suffer

a lack of conviction

THE death of Doug Everingham highlights the lack of conviction in many modern politicians compared to years gone by.

Doug stood up for the less fortunate in society, as Minister, he supported community health centres, as well as funded assistance in the community for alcohol, drug and mental health services.

In so many ways he and the Whitlam government was well ahead of the times.

In this current environment of Trump and Abbott policy-lite campaigning there is no long term vision being offered, and Australia is the worse for it. It's time that vision, policy, and ideals are supported for the good of Australia, and not rejected out of hand by reactionary forces for short term political gain.

Dan McIntyre


In awe of mates' Western knowledge

READING of the Bluff resident regarding his passion of vinyl records, has reminded me of a couple of mates whose knowledge of old Westerns continue to amaze and astound me with their passion regarding old Westerns and also their general knowledge of all subjects.

We as a small group meet at a mate's place approximately every fortnight to watch an old Western from his collection (Peter Egan) and rate each movie of that particular person's selection.

Of all the movies in his collection (don't know how many) both Pete and Rod (Flicka) Pratt rant on with their knowledge of producers, directors, cast, and the year that these movie were made, as well as remembering certain comments or phrases from individual Westerns.

I once had an opinion of my so called knowledge of same, but i am not any where close to being in the same category as these two @#%!&^% (mates).

What we all do appreciate is how the actors back then were just that - actors - and did not have to rely on the technology that is around to assist the current actors that we have today. Every so often i do a bit of homework on certain Westerns and ask questions of both Flicka and Pete and they don't disappoint, so then I go back to the drawing board with my frustrations of not being able to prove these two (know-it-alls) wrong.

Jack Lewis


Maybe we're not so different after all

HERE'S an example of a common perspective. On a near empty airport bus from Changi to the city a few years back, an Australian lady travelling with a little girl learned over the passageway toward me and whispered, "They all look the same don't they?"

Bob responded accordingly and whispered, "They all think the same of us too." After a long flight, the 'shock horror' expression made my day.

Bob Lansdowne


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