Debate is still raging about same sex marriage.
Debate is still raging about same sex marriage. A2955/_Wolfgang Kumm


Some do work of mum and dad

THIS weekend I witnessed Father's Day being misused from a church pulpit to promote the 'No' campaign for marriage equality.

Same sex marriage was linked to the perils of single parenthood. The 'slippery slope' of same sex partners and becoming like single mums, having children with higher delinquency and drug abuse rates.

Of course the published statistics do indicate about 20% increase in relative risk for those things for children with one parent.

Interestingly the statistics normalise as soon as the economic disadvantages are removed. In short it is bloody hard to provide economically and still be there for your kids.

It is disappointing that this long bow is being drawn to the marriage equality debate however it does provide food for thought this Father's Day.

I know some fantastic people who do the work of both mothers and fathers and whose children do just as well as anyone else.

In a house with two parents it feels like there are not enough hours in the day and I honestly don't know how they do it.

The vast majority of people do not want to end up alone and often these individuals have had to make very difficult decisions, often with the welfare of their children front and centre.

So if you have someone in your life who fulfils the role of father and mother, don't forget to say thank you. . These guys deserve two special days each year.

Robert Forsythe


Thought police hit Father's Day ad

A GROUP "Dads4Kids” have been doing wonderful advertisements promoting the special role of fathers in their children's lives - I commend them!

Who can argue with that?

They made an advertisement of a father singing a lullaby to his baby, promoting Father's Day. The "thought police” have banned it because it contained political material which would offend SSM advocates.

I have been grossly offended by the banning of an advertisement promoting greater involvement by fathers in the lives of their children. Where is freedom of speech?

Helen Wyland


Minor premiers deserve more money

ALL rugby league followers are aware the sacrifices and demands that are required by players to be a success in this great game, but I am sure that the NRL are not!

A lousy $100,000 dollars for being minor premiers?

The Storm this year have been the best team all year, and for their efforts they receive approx. $4000 a week which breaks down to less than $200 a game for each player per game.

Are the NRL are fair dinkum in their treatment of NRL players?

This is one of the first issues that needs to be fixed.

For example a team can be unbeaten all year after playing 26 games, and then face the possibility of losing both games in the finals and leaving with a paltry $100,000 for being minor premiers, and then a team may come from eighth spot (and are lucky to be there) but take home the major prize?

The NRL have to place more importance on the minor premiers with a massive increase of dollars.

Jack Lewis


Who is Turnbull really loyal to?

THE Federal Government is going on about saving billions of dollars and want targets pensioners as their scapegoats yet Turnbull is giving millions to Indonesia for tourist expansion, millions to Iran for God knows what and allowing ethnic minorities to have multiple wives and collecting social security and housing benefits.

Here are some questions that I would like Turnbull to respond to: (a) Who do you really pledge your loyalty to?Obviously it is not this country or it's people. (b) When are you going to do the right thing by this country and the people and resign and move off shore to the country or entity you are loyal to? (c) When did ethnicity and religious beliefs overrule the laws of this country that other Australians have to abide by?

There is only one path that this country is heading towards, thanks to politicians, bureaucracy, judiciary and bloody do gooders, that path is down the chute.

NWH Timms


Attack on the traditional family

WHAT IS marriage equality? Men and women have 'creative potential' which is absent from the homosexual lifestyle. The meaning of life is having children and grandchildren.

Shamefully, Senator Wong abuses supporters of a heterosexual lifestyle, which is wrong.

Aussies should not be voting on this 'moral issue' and what people do behind closed doors is their business. But our politicians can't see past votes for themselves at the next election. More important issues, like the homeless living rough in resource-rich Australia should be top of the agenda.

The homosexual campaign, planned over many years is designed to crush the traditional family of man/woman with children. We are being attacked through the traditional family which will undermine the State. Alien philosophies are divorcing us from reality; the aim is to build the Communist state.

Jay Nauss

Glen Aplin

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