L-R Sam and Justice (7) Burnell at the Great Australia Day Beach Party at Yeppoon.
L-R Sam and Justice (7) Burnell at the Great Australia Day Beach Party at Yeppoon. Chris Ison ROK260117cozday1


No Australia Day on January 26

CELEBRATING Australia Day on 26 January should cease.

The suggestion that a change is abandoning Australian heritage and values is unsupported by history. The first settlement at Sydney Cove was illegal: as shown in the Mabo decision, the continent was not "terra nullius”. It was owned and operated by the world's oldest civilisation, the Aboriginal peoples, who had been in residence for at least 65,000 years. They have every reason to call 26 January Invasion Day.

The Sydney Cove settlement was also part of a vicious UK penal system which served to perpetuate upper class rule. We should have no pride in either of these historical facts. I'm a direct descendant of one of the first fleet convicts, and am sure that he would have preferred to be back in Cornwall than at Sydney Cove in 1788. His crime was stealing just a coat, for which he was sent, effectively for life, to the other side of the world.

There is little heritage attached to 26 January: it was first recognised by all states as late as 1935, and fixed as a public holiday in 1994. It has waning popularity. WA in particular is unenthusiastic. Of course we can still have a national day, but let's adopt one which does not have a disreputable history. There are numerous good alternatives: Wattle Day (my favourite) on 1 September, Federation Day on 1 January, Indigenous Constitutional Recognition Day on 27 May, and Commonwealth assumption of control in Australia on 1 March being just a few. We can have pride in the day, keep the backyard esky stumps and have a good party, just not on 26 January.

Llewellyn Davies OAM

The Range

Politicians play with capital works figures

BRITTANY Lauga says in her letter to the Editor on the 26th August that north Queensland regions (which includes CQ) receive significantly more State Government capital works funding per capita than south-east Queensland.

She says this to show what a great job she is doing for us in this region. Now I don't doubt for one minute that Ms Lauga is doing the best she can but is that good enough or can others do better? I like people who try hard but please Brittany don't try to pull the wool over our eyes. Not all of us are that naive.

You should know better or perhaps you don't quite get it. The figures don't give anywhere near a true picture. Per capita spend means nothing. e.g. if 1 person builds a house to live in for $400,000 then the per capita spend on the house is $400,000. If 10 people live in the same house then the per capita spend is $40,000. Same house, just more people. Same applies in the State and for that matter in the whole of Australia or elsewhere. Many millions live in the south-east corner of Queensland so the same bridge and the same road carry millions more than our bridges and roads in CQ. If CQ build a bridge and the south east corner build the same bridge then the per capita spend here is vastly more here than in the south east corner simply because of the numbers.

Nothing to do with how hard you work to get funds. Of course there are more bridges and roads in the south east corner but it is easy to see that the maths are very confusing and really are not very representative of the true facts. Just politicians playing with numbers trying to justify themselves. Good try.

B. Munns


Something must be done about salaries

AHMED Fahour's $10.8 million (including a bonus, for whatever reason) retirement handshake, even after attracting an annual salary of $5.6 million for a length of time, to run Australia Post, is insane considering the high cost of living and business expenses of struggling Australians paying his way!

The publicity over this phenomenal remuneration for this executive, has caused embarrassment not only for Australia Post, but the Federal Government sitting on its hands, while executives, bureaucrats, bank and company CEOs are paid ludicrous salaries, out of step with Australian wages.

It flies in the face of part-time workers who face reductions in their hourly rates, without sick leave or holiday pay, or weekend penalty rates and those struggling on welfare.

Average Australian wage earners have been insulted yet gain by this tragic display of favouritism.

No-one is worth $100K a week!

It shouts discrimination.

Remember the 700 meat workers in Ipswich who are about to lose their jobs, while this "executive” can now live like a king, his subjects destined to pay the high cost of postage and parcels in the current economic climate.

With the frightening escalating cost of living which shows no sign of abating, it doesn't augur well for our postal service with no remorse.

Mr Turnbull, himself a millionaire, has little idea how this adds insult to our postage costs injury!

Take a good look at the Great Divide between the haves and have-nots in this country and force the ludicrous salaries in question to be modified.

He needs to be seen to be doing something about the income inequalities in this nation, or pay the political price.

Eloise Rowe

Tannum Sands

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