Harry's view on 5G towers
Harry's view on 5G towers

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘Aged care almost a death sentence’


COVID-19 aged care

AGED-CARE homes have been defined as: “God’s waiting room”.

Sixty-eight per cent of Australians who have succumbed to COVID-19 are aged-care residents. It is a statistic which repeated royal commissions and official inquiries have failed to adequately address or reduce.

To be in “aged care” is almost a death sentence for those whose families have no alternative but to place their elderly in care.

But “care “ is a word loosely used to describe supervision, while the ratio is often one “carer” to 10 or 20 “clients”.

It is profit before people.

No government or privately owned aged-care home willingly reduces the client-to-carer ratio. Rising costs across the board have affected the bottom line of every business, especially when clients have no alternative and no voice.

In this age of pandemic hysteria, the aged locked away from families and friends for the duration, are left wondering about their fate.

Many traditional families have their elderly living within their homes, providing for generational interchange and assistance.

However, in the third millennium, family dynamics and structures have radically changed, so that many past their “used by date” are sent away for strangers to care, for economic or practical reasons.

This dilemma is exacerbated by patients with dementia, often confused or difficult to manage. Time constraints and the tyranny of distance may mean they exist alone.

It is the new “normal”, but comes at a great human cost.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

Thanks for valued support

I AM WRITING to acknowledge and thank our amazing student volunteers this National Student Volunteer Week.

National Student Volunteer Week is a special opportunity to acknowledge the impact student volunteers make on the community through their volunteer work.

Volunteers give their time, skills, energy and passion which enables Cancer Council Queensland to enhance our services and support within the community.

The theme of this year’s National Student Volunteer Week is Collective Impact: Give. Grow. Connect.

We thank our student volunteers for making a collective impact on Queenslanders affected by cancer.

Cancer Council Queensland would not have the reach and impact that we do if not for our volunteers; hence, we are encouraging students to volunteer to help create an impact in the community as well as gain relevant industry insights and experience.

Volunteering presents the opportunity for students to create their own social and professional networks.

This week also serves as an opportunity to encourage other students to volunteer and make a collective impact on Australia by giving to a community or cause.

For more information about Cancer Council Queensland and current volunteer opportunities, visit cancerqld.org.au.

To find out more about National Student Volunteer Week, please visit, nationalstudentvolunteerweek.org.au.

Ms Chris McMillan, CEO, Cancer Council Queensland


Harry's view on 5G towers
Harry's view on 5G towers


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