Harry's view on coast nudist retreat.
Harry's view on coast nudist retreat.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: FIFO needs to be a thing of the past


IT IS TIME that companies, councils and governments realized that FIFO workers need to be a thing of the past.

With COVID-19 can we really risk our community and economy, ie Victoria.

The companies, councils and governments involved need to offer or instruct the workers to relocate to the respective area, so they can keep their jobs.

My niece and nephew worked and lived in the Bowen Basin but had to move to either Cairns or Brisbane away from family support to keep his job.

That was pre-COVID; the situation now is much more urgent than company economics.

Who knows, it may assist regional areas in recovery.

Because realistically we can not afford to go back to lockdown and restrictions.

The workers and their employers need to show some common sense.

Local councils and state governments need to protect local communities instead of big business.

- Mark Roati, Berserker


Harry's view on coast nudist retreat.
Harry's view on coast nudist retreat.


R.N. With a state election looming, Palaszczuk is cashing in on “keeping Queenslanders safe” image, also blaming COVID-19 for the terrible state of our economy. Our economy was one of the worst in Australia long before COVID-19. I do hope Queenslanders are smart enough not to fall for this tripe. This State Government would have to be one of the worst in history. Another four years of this and we are all doomed. I notice the same rubbish is being voiced in the NT, with their election being held next week. They must think people are mad to fall for this crap. All they are trying to keep safe is their jobs and their governance.

BEC BUTLER: The old Capricorn resort is sitting and rotting as well, people just don’t go to these places anymore, cheaper to go overseas ie Bali etc. (Re Zilzie Resort development)

MICHAEL MCCABE: Just as Monty Python and the Holy Grail’s Swamp Castle burnt down and fell into the swamp, this Great Barrier Grief resort is built on a marine salt pan below 10 metres above mean sea level, Australian Height Datum, and vulnerable to erosion and inundation from storm surges, sea level rise and tsunami, according to LSC Coastal Hazard mapping and Coastal Risk Australia. (Re Zilzie Resort development)

DI WISHART: How many islands have they bought and they are all abandoned. They want the land. (Re Zilzie Resort development)

STEP HOLDEN: Another failed resort based around a country club style with a housing development on the side but at least Dadson wasn’t relying on Gov support or favors. (Re Zilzie Resort development)

TROY CORNICK: That place was never going to work. Too far out of town for any tourist to get to. (Re Zilzie Resort development)

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