A solar farm.
A solar farm.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Green energy backers be careful


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Green energy backers should be careful what they wish for

BEFORE sunrise yesterday, the grass temperature in Washpool, "Sunny Queensland", was minus 1.7 deg.

There was no wind or sunshine.

Wind turbines were becalmed and not even moonbeams energised our solar panels.

In that still, frosty darkness, green energy failed again.

Not a watt came from becalmed wind "farms" or from subsidised solar panels cluttering many roofs (including ours).

But we didn't need our diesel in the shed - we were saved by trusty Old King Coal, with maybe a dash of gas or hydro.

Reliable 24/7 generators provided pre-dawn power-by-wire for lights, heaters and coffee before we checked the frosty flats for new-born lambs.

Yet politicians, academics and the UN-ABC-BBC relentlessly push unreliable "green" energy, promising it will promote global cooling.

They should be careful what they wish for.

Neither sheep nor shepherds like frosty darkness.

Viv Forbes, Washpool, Qld.



Harry's View.
Harry's View.



KEPT AWAKE, F'VILLE: Council can you please explain to the public and those who have on going barking/fighting dog complaints. WHY DOES IT APPEAR THAT THE DOG IN QUESTION HAVE MORE RIGHTS THAN A HUMAN BEING? I hope the inspectors get one right beside their pillow.

SHANE, WANDAL: If coronavirus has shown anything its not the size of the stadiums its the television settings. Browne Park makes sense and to have multiple stadiums are just white elephants for the town. Invest in what we already have.

LEANNE: Is the Katter Party running candidate in the seat of Keppel?

MICK YPN: How can Michelle Landry give $20 million to a convention centre in Yeppoon when the public have never seen any plans or provided any feedback. I'm not for or against the project, I want to see the plans and have the opportunity for feedback. Just want a bit of common sense to prevail. Rather than giving the money away, how about being a part owner of the building that will be constructed?

ANON: We have nobody in Rocky to stand for what the people want. What do we want, a multi purpose stadium, when do we want it, now. Maybe one day hey.

ANON: I blame protesters and there's a good chance it's spread like wildfire fire. Victoria C19 is real and the sooner the public get it's not a joke it's real.

ANON: People social distancing matters sooner you get the messages the better. Victoria is the first who's next?

DM: Interesting that NSW now seems to think that their border should be restricted when only a few weeks ago they wanted all borders open. Hypocrisy or blatant politics from NSW?

SHANE, WANDAL: Might be worth a reader poll - top 10 for each century for Rockhampton.

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