LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘Live export must be banned’


Kiwis lead the way

The groundbreaking decision by the New Zealand government to ban live export should remind everyone that the Australian government has failed to curb the systematic abuse of animals by live export corporations.

Millions of cows and sheep depart Australia on these death ships every year.

They’re forced to live on top of one another, surrounded by a slurry of their own faeces, urine, and water.

Seasick and unfamiliar with the pellets they’re given as food, many starve to death before reaching their destination.

The horrifying footage from the Awassi Express of panting sheep lying in piles of their own faeces and decaying corpses in 2017 brought home the menace of heatstroke on board live-export ships.

And the suffering doesn’t end for those who survive the journey.

Because there are virtually no laws to protect animals in the countries they’re sold to, they’re often subjected to abuse and methods of slaughter that include being roughly dragged from ships, sometimes by their legs, thrown into trucks and cars, and having their throats cut with blunt knives while they’re still conscious.

The government has had ample opportunity to crack down on live export in the past, yet the carnage continues.

We must not allow any more animals to endure this agony. Live export must be banned now.

– Mimi Bekhechi, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


Harry's view on Totally Wild visit to Rockhampton Zoo.
Harry's view on Totally Wild visit to Rockhampton Zoo.


One of the witnesses to George Floyd’s death is being showered with praise. Without her evidence, the verdict may have been different.

Donna Charles: Why is one only being charged when there were other police officers where there to they didn’t stop him.

Jarred Armstrong White: Deserved to be guilty. Doesn’t matter what he done in the past, wasn’t resisting arrest and the force used was not necessary. He was cuffed, face down not fighting and this former officer deserves every bit of jail time. Just needs to be put in protective custody to see out his sentence. Too many police officers over use their power, maybe now the ones doing so now know they won’t be protected anymore.

Penny Corbin: What will they riot about next?

Maureen Halligan: Why bother having a trial at all?


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