Harry's view on apprentice scheme.
Harry's view on apprentice scheme.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Major parties as bad as each other


Maj or parties as bad as each other

What has the Queensland Government got against Queensland farmers?

Both major parties are as bad as each other.

Today, Deb Frecklington promises to defund the Environmental Defenders Office should the LNP win the election.

Yesterday, Palaszczuk gave Adani a royalty free deal.

Both these actions have ‘political gain’ written all over them with no thought to Queensland’s agricultural business.

First of all, the EDO offers free and discounted legal representation to farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by environmental decisions.

Farmers who lack the financial wherewithal to fight for their rights in a court of law. Secondly, the amount the Qld government funded the EDO in 2017/2018 was $100,000.

Is giving that amount going to break the bank?

It does, however, help Queenslanders have fresh and locally supplied meat and produce.

Other side of the same coin, Labor is handing out freebies to a billionaire coal baron.

The royalties which Adani will not be paying could amount to as much as $400 million, money that will not be being paid into the state’s coffers.

A deal like this is great for Adani as the company has been unable to get finance for their project from private companies.

It will be a debt that comes back to the taxpayer.

Rumour has it that Adani will, one day, pay back those royalties with interest but a very troubling fact is that Adani cannot give any security on this deal because they still owe over $2 billion on their only asset, Abbot Point.

Does that sound like a secure loan to you?

In the meantime, our farmers, who are losing water and prime land to coal and gas tycoons, struggle daily to put food on their and our tables and the LNP wants to withdraw what little help they were getting.

Where is the justice?

Brooke McReynolds, Mackay


Harry's view on apprentice scheme.
Harry's view on apprentice scheme.


A battle to bring in mandatory two days’ paid bereavement leave for anyone who miscarries in the first three months is gaining momentum.

Tamara Spilsbury: I think this is a great idea, especially for those who may have used a lot of sick leave due to being unwell during the first trimester. I think it’s less about ‘entitlement’ and more about taking some time to process the pregnancy loss and get yourself back in the right headspace to return to work.

Wynonna Cotton: Two days is definitely not enough to grieve and go back to work. After a week, you’ll still be hurting but at that point of starting to get better. It can take weeks even months to for it to stop hurting so much. I think we should push for a week of bereavement leave. Sick leave and annual leave are used up by other things that happen in life, most people won’t have enough hours to cover the time they need to recover.

Salv Ochoa: Just give them the already entitled bereavement leave if entitled to them in the award and then let them take some or all of their annual leave. I suppose it will depend on the gestation time of the foetus to be considered human legally (as business/companies require death certificates to grant leave) but also they should be able to access sick leave … tax payers and business are already paying for parental leave … where does it end.

Peter Cox: No matter what I say if I don’t agree I am sure to be labelled as hateful.

Neither for or against but it comes down to the “legal “ interpretation of at what point the baby is considered as being viable/ alive. Not sure as to why the employer would be obligated to pay for the time off. Everyone that draws a wage is entitled to four weeks leave already.

Peter Finch: What do women want. They demand legal abortions anytime for any reason but want time off for a miscarriage.

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