Harry's view on Strelow not running in a by-election.
Harry's view on Strelow not running in a by-election.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Mourning the loss of millions


To the fallen

With the many victims of the COVID-19 global war, still raging in many nations where the fight continues against this illusive enemy, we mourn the loss of a million lives.

No one is immune.

Such devastation is incomprehensible in the third millennium, with advanced technology and science at our disposal.

It has not discriminated; for even the world’s leadership fell victim.

It has conquered even the boldest.

The race for a vaccine may be promising, but the world’s poorest, with little or no medical care in developing nations flooded with refugees or warring militants, are in the firing line with little protection.

This formidable adversary advances by stealth, with invisibility its principal weapon, while the sceptics and the unsuspecting succumb to its deadly grip.

Denial only advances its progression.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

Thank you Burdekin

To the voters of the Burdekin electorate – thank you. Thank you for placing your trust in me to continue representing you and our amazingly diverse electorate for another four years. I am deeply humbled to remain in this role, doing what I love.

I’d like to thank the other candidates who ran for Burdekin. Putting your hand up to represent your community takes a lot of time, effort and sacrifice. I want to recognise the work they put in and wish them all the best in whatever comes next for them.

I would also like to thank the volunteers who assisted with my campaign and the campaigns of other candidates. Over the two weeks of pre-polling there were quite a few uncomfortable days due to the weather and they also gave up time away from their jobs, businesses and families so thank you.

Although the statewide result was not the one I would have preferred, I respect the will of voters no matter who they voted for.

What I can assure you of is that I will continue to fight hard each and every day for the electorate and I will hold the Labor government to account.

Being a Member of parliament is an extraordinary privilege. I have never forgotten that, I have never taken it for granted and I will continue to serve you to the best of my ability.

As always, I will make myself accessible to anyone who needs assistance. Whether it be via email, phone call or face-to-face, I am here to hear you and represent Burdekin in parliament.

I will be a representative for all. It doesn’t mater whether you voted for me or not, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any concerns or issues you might have that you feel I may be able to assist you with.

Again, thank you Burdekin. I look forward to the opportunity to get stuck into working for our communities once more.

Dale Last


Harry's view on Strelow not running in a by-election.
Harry's view on Strelow not running in a by-election.


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