Harry's view on Brisbane COVID lockdown.
Harry's view on Brisbane COVID lockdown.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: New industry and jobs vital


New Industry/Jobs

How important is new industry required for our region?

New industry improves a regions economic power by delivering immediate jobs and jobs in related areas that support that industry.

Jobs growth helps an economy in regards to money being spent in the local community supporting local businesses that can create more jobs as small businesses grow with demand.

Towns and regions that have good industry and job opportunities have a strong housing market where property valuations improve due to demand.

Property values are protected from declining and impacting our retirement plans providing a community with hope into the future.

Housing demand will go up as job opportunities increase and this can put pressure on available rental properties as the Rockhampton region is experiencing now with various projects.

Construction jobs are temporary and when they are completed puts pressure on the rental market as an over supply of accommodation occurs.

A boom and bust cycle occurs and this is why we need industry that can provide permanent work where our youth have opportunities to gain skills and set up a career path.

The rates revenue base will improve as more housing and units are approved and developed, providing the local council with a stronger budget to supply services and deal with ageing infrastructure such as sewerage and stormwater.

A stronger budget can help deliver solutions towards immediate concerns such as the Mt Morgan dam’s water supply and other areas in our region.

Rural roads need to be maintained to a safe standard for road users and with a stronger budget, more can be done.

Without permanent job opportunities our region will remain stagnant as there is no reason to come to our region to set up a future.

The Federal Government is looking at promoting manufacturing to make Australia self sufficient, so why can’t we secure manufacturing into our region?

The northern infrastructure fund could be the stimulus for new industry in our region that will create sustainable jobs such as engineered timber.

Engineered timber is made of timber and resins that creates a product in some cases as strong as steel.

We have timber plantations at Byfield, why not have a production factory in Rockhampton with the road, rail and airport infrastructure to distribute throughout Australia and into the global market?

The job opportunities would be considerable, including planting, harvesting and transport of trees to the actual processing of the product and then the marketing and freight of the end product.

This would be a great benefit to our region in creating permanent and generational jobs into the future as well as building the council a strong budget to service our region with roads, sewerage and rates relief.

Leyland Barnett, Mayoral Candidate for the Rockhampton Regional Council


Harry's view on Brisbane COVID lockdown.
Harry's view on Brisbane COVID lockdown.


ANON. The government has made it too easy to jump on the rock and roll. That’s why farmers can’t get workers. The governments of today and past are to blame, they don’t care as long as the big, fat, golden egg is there when they leave. They have been stuffing this country for years and we as tax payers just sit there with our heads so far up our clackers it’s come out of our gobs.

HB. Went to the drive through pie shop on the northside on Wednesday 30th Dec. I thought gee they are doing a great business as the cars were back out to the traffic lights. Unfortunately every car was sitting waiting for someone to take their orders for up to 4-5 minutes before they realised that the pie shop was closed. Can I suggest next time to put the hours closed sign up over the price sign instead of below the speaker as no one noticed it where it was. So I do believe that day the other pie shop near the swimming pool did OK.


A fast-tracked timetable for the COVID-19 vaccine has been released but some of us still have a bit of a wait ahead.

Ethan Bedford: That’s nice but I’m not a commie so I’ll pass.

Sheree Hayward: No bloody way.

Amy Trowbridge: Not injecting our family with your all of a sudden developed poison!

Tina Cameron-Steger: As explained by a chemist on another page: COVID is derived from the sars virus for which there was already a vaccine. This also varies from standard due to it not containing and injecting a dose the virus which vaccines usually do. It has been able to be fast tracked due to that they are adapting an already existing product.

I’m not pushing for and not sold on it I think the virus will change and adapt as quickly as they find an immunity to a strain but just sharing to stop the scare mongering as to why it could be made available so quickly.

Susan Plummer: Politicians should be the first to receive any experimental vaccine. Before they try it on health care workers. We can’t afford to lose any health care workers.

Evelin Macaskill: 2021 year of the zombie apocalypse.

Jo-Anne McMillan: Stop bringing the so-called Australians home. They all had their chance to come home in 2020. They are the ones with the virus.

Step Holden: Nobody has any real idea of downstream complications with these vaccines and to say otherwise is nothing more than parroting the rest who don’t have any real idea either.

Robyn Irvine: Won’t be lining up to get one, that’s for sure.

Elaine Hans: Does it cover the more contagious UK strain and the most contagious African strain as well as the basic strain?????

Deslar King: Don’t agree with our health care workers going first, they use PPE all the time and if anything happens to them we are all screwed.

Margaret Anne McCormack: Let’s start with the people coming off flights from overseas, politicians can get theirs later.


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