Harry's view on the NZ travel bubble.
Harry's view on the NZ travel bubble.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Only way forward is another boat ramp


Boat ramps

I SEE Brittany Lauga and the ALP have promised $2 million for pontoon and ramp infrastructure at Rosslyn Bay harbour.

The problem is not the ramps and pontoons, the problem is the parking of cars and trailers.

People have to park illegally because the car park is full.

There is no room to build new car parks, so the only way forward is another ramp and pontoon away from Rosslyn Bay.

None of the council or state or federal representatives are pushing for this.

It will take five or six years to build it, when they decide where to build it but they are not even talking about it yet.

But I have been told if you get there by 3am you can sometimes get a legal park.

So happy boating.

Col Power, Farnborough.

Risking kids’ health to prop up a dying industry

WHEN I was at school, back in the sixties, we were given little bottles of cows’ milk every day.

By the time recess came around, they were warm and probably swarming with bacterial infections, but we were told they were good for us.

Good for the dairy industry, more likely.

The program was ended in 1973, after the Coombs report stated that it could not be justified on nutritional grounds.

Now Dairy Australia and their lobby group Dairy Connect want to bring the program back into schools.

Studies have shown that the industry believes they can hook children on their product and make them lifelong consumers, despite being aware that large sections of the population are lactose intolerant, which may involve symptoms of abdominal pain, diarrhoea and vomiting.

This proposition is the act of a desperate business.

Sales of milk are plummeting and dairy farms closing down; of the 22,000 dairy farms in Australia in the 1980s, there are now fewer than 6,000 remaining.

People are realising the cruelty involved.

Do we want to risk our children’s health to prop up a dying industry?

What’s next – free cigarettes to support the tobacco industry?

Desmond Bellamy, Special Projects Coordinator, PETA Australia


Harry's view on the NZ travel bubble.
Harry's view on the NZ travel bubble.


ANON. So another pollie caught out doing dodgy deals. If it was Joe Blow he’d be in jail. One law for pollies and one for Joe Blow. It’s a joke.

LPMC. Another unfunded Palaszczuk promise. 6100 teachers costing $2.2 Billion. What a false promise, where are the classrooms coming from, forced closed down used coal mine dongas? Premier, voters don’t believe YOU any more, YOU have no plan, no money and no idea where taxpayers money should be spent.

ORACLE. With the VAD laws, unpopular as it may be in some parts, the Premier has at least outlined Labor’s strong stand on an important issue this election. I’d even say it’s a good issue to consider and would support it. LNP what’s your stand out election issue?


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