LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘Serious changes need to happen’


Rockhampton region facts

Rockhampton region’s population as of 2019, source RRC website and Australian Bureau of Statistics, is at 81,512.

According to Population Australia, a website that specialises in research for Australia population growth trend and estimation, Rockhampton region will reach a population of 82,730 by the end of June 2020 which is based on the average growth rate of .15 per cent over the past nine years since 2011.

According to Population Australia, in the last two years the population has dropped.

The reason could be related to the employment opportunities in Rockhampton.

Rockhampton’s population in 2006 was 74,204, and increased to 81,512 in 2019, an increase of 7308 people over 13 years.

RRC website, economic profile/industry focus shows the total employment figures for RRC area 2018/19 at 40,408 with full time employment at 33,552 in comparison to 10 years ago 2008/09 total employment figures 40,628 with 35,405 full time employment.

In over a period of 10 years the Rockhampton region has seen no growth in employment, resulting in 220 jobs lost and 1852 full time jobs lost.

Rockhampton region has stagnated for over 10 years in regards to population and employment growth.

If we are not growing we are going backwards and serious changes need to happen.

We need to increase our population to provide more rates revenue for council that can be spent on roads and infrastructure.

Promoting Rockhampton with its lifestyle and attractions is admirable, however if there are no job opportunities how are you going to get people into our region?

Leyland Barnett, Mayoral Candidate for Rockhampton


Harry's View
Harry's View


LPMC. Millions of dollars owned in unpaid council rates, $1.3Bil in unpaid SPER fines, Qld’s $155Bil worst ever state govt debt and the GST revenue is the lowest on record. Anna, where’s the money coming from to pay for your election promises, with high unemployment and insolvency companies ready to pounce from January 1. The “pub test” says, Qld is in for a “ruff ride” and “blind Freddy” can see that but not Anna.


About half a million Queenslanders could be getting up to $200 a fortnight less in their pockets within days as government supports is wound back.

Debbie Lingard: We cannot keep up this level of assistance forever. It is our taxes that pay for this assistance and taxes only go so far. It was a great help to many people.

Lened Beckhaus: What about lowering all the food prices?? I know they have all gone through the roof.

Stella Hughes Smith: To all people up on the ‘high ground’... Until you walk in someone else’s shoes you have no idea what they are going through.

Fiona Coleman: Some people who have worked and lost their jobs due to COVID have been trying to get jobs ever since. Not all welfare recipients are bludgers. They want to work and earn money! It is ignorant and mean spirited to judge them as all the same.

Katie Reid: Silly me been working for my money. Minimum wage thru a pandemic raising a family. Same for hubby.

Christoph Johann Leitner: Massive hit to the pokie industry.


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