LETTERS: Taxpayers are an endangered species


It is an alarming headline that the COVID-19 financial support for businesses and those on welfare, is borrowed money.

Taxpayers will be paying this bonus ad infinitum!

Families themselves know, that without having something put away for 'a rainy day' and/or living 'hand to mouth' and in debt, is financially disastrous.

Someone pays the ferryman, sooner or later, with interest.

Post-war austerity has nothing on this burden passed onto future generations.

With historical unemployment and a large percentage on welfare, taxpayers are an endangered species.

Governments spending borrowed money recklessly, lack the emotional and fiscal intelligence and, like families in out-of-control debt, living on credit ending in bankruptcy, go into economic free-fall.

This does not augur well for our future prosperity.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands


Health care a big issue this election

Public health matters and doctors saying no for women and for the family is a big issue for this election.

Health care is not being spoken about; not a word is said.

What do we get to select from?

(We need) a government inquiry into the number of birth disabilities.

We did talk with a RBWH specialist and were assured doctors do not pass on information to women in hospital with pregnancy (about) women with the blood condition known as FVL. Factor V Leiden mutation is inherited, a very serious clotting condition for both mother and baby in pregnancy that can result in clotting to the heart, brain and lung.

Yet I have seen no steps to address the risk to the life of both - a blood test is available along with preventive treatment.

No information is given to the mother. The frequency is not known as the AIHW does not have the info.

Yet a blood test is required and recommended by specialist so treatment can be follow up with.

Our family has paid a life price from this when in a private hospital in Brisbane, plus 50 per cent of our family including grand children have FVL.

To add to the neglect, women are not given the chance to pay for a blood test.

The LNP say $33 billion for the Bruce Highway, but not a word about the health needs of women when in hospitals.

The LNP is there that's is all. Others are everywhere leaving health out in the cold again.

Brian Rose, Gladstone




Harry's view on the federal budget.
Harry's view on the federal budget.




ANON. Brittany Lauga, Newman has not been seen in politics for half a decade. If you're still harping on about him, then clearly you're out of ideas, all your "record" notwithstanding (3/10).

ANON. TMB, I continued as a subscriber despite the shut down of the newspaper. The opinion columns are a sacred community voice. Please direct politicking to a paid ad. Brittany, please take notice too.

ANON. This budget is only for people earning 45K or more. It's a joke but it secures votes for this up coming election and every government worker will get it. A sweetener for the next federal election. That's one way to buy votes. This government is on the nose.



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