LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘The right to bear arms’


The USA Gun Lobby and the GOP
In the annals of Australian history, Port Arthur is a disturbing reminder of heartache, cruelty and loss.

The 25th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, with the death of 35 and numerous injured, highlights the terror of guns in our community in the hands of the mentally disturbed or radicalised.
It was a watershed moment in our history, which propelled Prime Minister John Howard to call on gun owners to hand in their weapons.

It was a nationwide event which changed our gun culture.

Thousands of guns were destroyed, making Australia a safer place and giving our citizens greater peace of mind.

That didn't change the availability of gun ownership, but made ownership conditional.

Free of a criminal record and mental health, determine suitability for occupation or profession.
Unlike America, where the American Constitution permits conditional gun ownership as a right.

The Third Amendment gives all Americans: "the right to bear arms".

However, assault rifles and repeat weapons of mass destruction, are now in the hands of criminals and terrorists who kill unconscionably.

The link between gun ownership and gun deaths in America cannot be understated.

Homicides, mass killings, even random and non-discriminatory, are daily news.

Thousands of American citizens are victims of gun violence yearly. During COVID, it has an alarming increase.

The Republican Party is supported by the infamous "Gun Lobby".

For this Party, it is vital to support gun ownership according to the Constitution, to maintain their votes.

The Democrats realistically address the violence, exacerbated by lack of scrutinisation of suitability for gun sales to intended owners, concerning their mental and ideological fitness.

So mass shootings by terrorists, mentally ill or radicalised and criminals with guns ruling the streets, continue ad infinitum, with a nation divided on guns.

- Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands


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ANON. We need more affordable housing in Rocky now, not next century!



An Australian man is pushing to change incest laws in 60 countries, comparing the issue to gay and mixed-race marriage.

Maria Finlay-Frenken: Lock him up now.

Harris Leigh: Seriously if you agree with this then the next step is to legalise rape, legalise multiple wives or husbands or anything other law you don't like.

Deborah Connolly: This is ok to these muppets and actually trying to force this through, but Pepe Le Pew and Dr Seuss are offensive within our society? Our whole Parliament needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom.

Gloria Bacon: Sick. So sick.


Craig Andrews: Is this same idiot who complains about Golden gaytimes and fairy bread?



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