Harry's view on Australia Post scandal.
Harry's view on Australia Post scandal.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Time for the north to build the new


Time for the north to build the new

I wonder if we will ever have a country leader/government who can ever achieve things for Queensland, and in particular, rural and regional Queensland, like Joh Bjelke-petersen could?The achievements Sir Joh include the building of Wivenhoe and Burdekin dams, the Gateway Bridge, the electrification and modernisation of the Queensland rail network, the staging of the 82 Commonwealth Games and World Expo 88 and his personal decision to abolish death duties.

During the 1980s he also introduced stamp duty concessions and exemptions to small business, family property transfer, first home buyers and mortgages.

To attract interstate investment and stimulate the economy, he also introduced payroll tax exemptions for small businesses and employers with apprentices.

Projects such as Sanctuary Cove and Bond University, development plans for a casino in Townsville and banning of poker machines, again,attributed to Joh.

With only 17 seats in CNQ out of the 93 in QLD parliament, it’s unlikely we will see such achievements on the same scale again, particularly for CNQ.

This is largely due to the fact that 73 seats are held by MPs who reside within a 250km radius of the Brisbane CBD.

These MPs are voted in to represent their electorates, draw as much government funding as they can to them and rightly so.

This is what they have been elected to do for their constituents.

Since the abolishment of the Gerrymander and note, I’m not an advocate for its return, rural and regional QLDs representation in parliament has grown increasingly weak and more so as population increases in the south-east electoral boundaries are re-defined.

More worrying is the fact that this will only get worse.

CNQ faces a future that will see the current 17 seats become fewer and the south-eastern seats greater in number.

The National party within today’s LNP is near-on ‘dead’ and really, if you vote LNP, you are in actual fact voting for a city liberal party.

And frankly, QLD ALP, is not much different.

Again, remember, we’ve only 17 seats available to CNQ, and this will decrease in time.

Rural and regional QLDers need to get on board and advocate for changes in the way CNQ is represented.

I say fight for the creation of a new state, but this may not be the only solution.

Perhaps the introduction of an Upper House is a possibility, or, at the very least, maybe even all the ‘conservative’ political parties, including the Nationals could unite to form a third, viable political party option for voters, one that is rural/regional based and one that can form government and pursue representation changes.

Or, perhaps, central and north QLD MPs in major parties could actually start going against the wishes of their south-eastern leaders and remain true to the north, however difficult that may be in reality.

As they say ‘the secret to change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new’.

I think it is time for the north to rethink how we are represented and to truly begin building the new.

Nanette Radeck, Alice River

Long list of Labor projects

Over the years I have been on polling booths with Leyland Barnett.

He hands out for the LNP and I do for the ALP.

He says he does not know Tony Hopkins very well.

I do and he is a decent, hardworking ,honest man.

I disagree with his politics but that’s what happens in a democracy.

But I object to Leyland trotting out the tired LNP/One Nation line about Rocky getting nothing under Labor.

One glance at the Hospital Hill with the multi billion capital and recurrent cost proves this. But there’s so much more.

The whole precinct where the LNP/One Nation intends to build a no business case stadium with no transparency about who will own or pay the running cost is testament to this.

World class swimming pool, basketball stadium, showgrounds, tennis courts and recreational family facilities are there for all to see and enjoy.

All built by Labor governments.

I challenge Leyland and his party mates to find an area in or around Rocky that hasn’t been built or improved by Labor.

Try Yeppen. Try the riverbank. Try every state school. The list goes on endlessly.

I know Leyland is a competent and devoted driver trainer. However his memory of accurate history is deeply flawed.

Robert Schwarten, Park Avenue


Harry's view on Australia Post scandal.
Harry's view on Australia Post scandal.


MJ. My visit to early voting was an experience. I didn t take an ALP how to vote and the two red shirts decided to make rude comments about another political party. I hope the unions, Barry and Brittany have intelligent and polite people in the future at polling booths.

LPMC. Our multi-million dollar salaried Aust Post boss Ms Holgate is stood down for giving bonus luxury watches to staff paid by Aust Taxpayers. Did Premier Palaszczuk approve bonuses in the millions of dollars to overstaffed, nonproductive and bureaucratic Qld public servants who have never met KPIs and dudgets? Palaszczuk’s direction doesn’t pass the pub test and won’t pass on election day.

ANT. Thanks to our politicians for the two stadium options. Unfortunately we only need one. Take the politics out of it, Victoria Park is the sensible option surrounded by a sporting precinct and plenty of parking away from homes. Keep Browne Park for our history and up and coming footy stars.

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