Harry Bruce's view on the week that was in Rockhampton.
Harry Bruce's view on the week that was in Rockhampton.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Where is the Budget?


Where is the Budget?

It is not long now for Queenslanders to have their ability to judge the performance of the current ALP government at the ballot boxes.

It is quite obvious that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be their selling point on how they have saved us and yes there is no doubt that the results have been great, in the fact, that Queenslanders listened to the health advice provided.

The government appears to have double standards in regards to allowing movie stars and AFL football players through our borders while ordinary Australians have been stopped, people requiring medical treatment and people seeking to attend funerals.

The Qld premier’s office has spent more than $528, 000 on COVID-19 polling in the past few months asking Queenslanders what they think about regarding their own government, so are the polls running this government.

It is very convenient for this government to have everyone focusing on this pandemic and not on the economic crisis, Queensland is in today.

It is also convenient that they will not release the budget until after the election. A budget will reveal where they will get the money to fund all of their election proposals and promises.

The budget would reveal to Queenslanders the full extent of our financial position especially why we have gone from 90 billion before COVID pandemic to over 100 billion dollars in debt.

How can we trust this government’s economic recovery plan when there is no budget to prove where the funding is going to come from, to show that it can work?

We now have the second highest unemployment figures in Australia at 7.7 per cent and the latest issue, being that Qld Health, “was warned twice by an Auditor-General it was not ready to launch a trouble-plagued hospital payment system that resulted in 540 million in late-payments, $6.5 million in overpayments and a $33.5 million blowout for taxpayers”, Courier Mail 24/9/20.

I believe, that if this government continues to manipulate the media from the real issues that will impact Queenslanders and keep the budget a secret before the Qld election, then may they continue to have secret meetings in a phone box, long after the election results?

Leyland Barnett, North Rockhampton

Creating Central Queensland jobs

It’s a win for Rockhampton and the creation of Central Queensland jobs in the growth industries to lead our state’s COVID-19 economic recovery.

I’m proud to have secured $2.8 million in Palaszczuk Government funding to partner with CQUniversity on an Advanced Technology and Innovation Centre.

We’re investing in the workforce of tomorrow with technical training for sustainable jobs in mining, agriculture and manufacturing.

Technology is changing the way we work.

Rockhampton’s Advanced Technology and Innovation Centre ensures Central Queensland students and school leavers have the skills they need to help turbo-charge our state’s economic recovery from the global pandemic.

The Palaszczuk Government is also investing in resources with four companies set to explore more than 3,000km2 of potential new gas reserves in Central and South-west Queensland.

It’s gas we can get to market quickly to power our manufacturing industries, feedstock and jobs for regional Queenslanders.

Only the Palaszczuk Government has a plan to leverage technology and our traditional strengths in resources and agriculture to kickstart regional jobs and our economic recovery from COVID.

Barry O’Rourke, Member for Rockhampton


Harry Bruce's view on the week that was in Rockhampton.
Harry Bruce's view on the week that was in Rockhampton.


ANON. Best sell up old run-down Browne Park, become a music bowl. We have a bunch of village idiots running the show.

ANON. A vote for the bush fire blonde is a vote to put Rocky on show to the rest of Australia. We are a city going places. If we build it they will come.

ANON. The bully federal government pulls ADF from Queensland borders after we done the best in protecting Queensland from this virus joke.

I C LAMMERMOOR. Instead of being a (white) ant for One Nation, ANT (SMS 21/9) should heed Paul Hoolihan’s prediction. How could any person with even half a brain believe that the oddballs endorsed could govern. Look at what happened when they got 11 seats, they imploded. I believe it would happen again and never believe the Murdoch press that Labor has lost touch with their grass roots.


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