Harry's view on the Rockhampton stadium debate.
Harry's view on the Rockhampton stadium debate.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Why have 3 Labor ministers resigned?


Vision for Queensland

I attended a meeting 12/09/20, hosting Deb Frecklington LNP opposition leader for Qld and the various nominated candidates for our region.

The candidates spoke with strength, passion and vision, preparing to make our regional voices heard in parliament.

Deb spoke of building dams and of the new Bradfield scheme that would be a new nation building project that would deliver returns in jobs and growth for 100s of years into the future.

She also spoke of where Qld is today with Labor being in control for 25 out of 30 years.

The Qld unemployment rate is the highest in Australia at 8.8 per cent; we have the lowest business confidence with the highest bankruptcies; over 90 billion dollars in debt before COVID-19 and now over 100 billion dollars.

Why is the Qld Government not revealing the budget figures until after the Qld election and what are they hiding?

Why have three good Labor ministers resigned from government and will there be any more approaching the Qld election?

I believe that the days of the ALP in Qld of being able to have meetings in a mini bus could very well be haunting them today.

Leyland Barnett, North Rockhampton

Sustainable progress

With the Queensland state election just around the corner, the political rhetoric is beginning to heat up.

A real favourite of the more conservative parties (and totally unfounded) is the claim that the left-leaning parties are anti-progress, anti-jobs and bad for the economy.

It is time to set the record straight.

When you look beyond the rhetoric, you soon realise that the conservatives are actually the least progressive, least pro-job political parties in this country.

Left-leaning parties are far more progressive, produce far more jobs and can build a far stronger economy.

To illustrate this point, let’s look at one of the most important issues in Australia today; energy.

The conservatives continue to promote, support and subsidise fossil fuels, particularly coal. How is this progressive?

Coal is the oldest, least efficient and most polluting form of energy in the world. This is regressive.

A progressive party would be promoting renewable energy, the most efficient, cleanest and cheapest form of energy available today.

As well, by ignoring renewable energy, conservatives are ignoring the huge job potential supported by the many forms of renewable energy.

The facts show that the fossil fuel industry provides few jobs, none of which are sustainable into the near future.

And finally, the economy.

As the world quickly moves away from fossil fuels, any economy dependent on fossil fuels (particularly in the export market) will simply not be sustainable.

But an economy based on renewable energy will have a very bright future.

Australia, with its virtually unlimited wind and solar can capitalise on that future and become a world leader in exporting clean energy.

This is how a truly progressive party can build a strong economy.

Now and into the future.

Tony Fontes, Jubilee Pocket


Harry's view on the Rockhampton stadium debate.
Harry's view on the Rockhampton stadium debate.


AS. Why is the Prime Minister and all Liberal supporters only attacking Labor Premiers. West Australia, South Australia, Tasmania all have strong border closures. Political that’s what it is as Qld goes to a state election. I feel really safe going about a fairly normal life thanks to Annastacia.

REPEAT YPN. D Day for GKI Resort. Has Altum Constructions pulled out or are they proceeding with the purchase of the lease?


The surprise funding announcement for a stadium in Rockhampton comes after concerted lobbying from Michelle Landry and Pauline Hanson.

MARLENE GILLIGAN: What is wrong with updating Browne Park??

MARIA FINLAY-FRENKEN: Only $23m???? Townsville Stadium cost $230M, what will Rocky get?

SJ JONES: OK but can we have an agreement from the Federal Government to fund the repairs for the next flood event … and the one after that … and the one after that.

How much do you want to bet ratepayers get lumped with those costs?

MAXINE MAIKE: Where the funding to fix the roads?

GREG MOORE: If you think investing in sports locally is a waste of money then you are missing the point, youth crime is at an all time high and initiatives like this are a part of the solution to redirecting young kids. Footy use to be a huge part of growing up in CQ. Rockhampton needs as much incentives as they do consequences for it’s current crime situation.

GREG MCCORMACK: All we hear is Australia is always in debt we are in a recession, yeah I dunno why don’t we start paying off the debt instead of throwing money around for a stadium that no one can attend because we’re all dying from COVID-19. The Bruce Highway is sh-- but let’s not fix it let’s spend billions on new roads we don’t really need.

TREVOR SCRIMSHAW: I wrote a story 30 years ago for the Bully that the major players in the sporting Clubs in Rocky should join forces to build an all-purpose sports arena out near the University.

However the big problem was convincing the king’s in small clubs and they were very reluctant to let go of their small kingdoms!

If this had been done years ago there would’ve been a NRL team in Rocky years ago and that stadium would have also attracted other facilities in the vicinity including netball, basketball, tennis, hockey etc, dining facility all involved in one club and be a complete Rockhampton sports club from juniors to seniors!

From memory too the Showground was going to be updated around that time too and nothing happened!


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