LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Why is sports the top priority?


2032 Olympic bid debt

Our Premier seems to have a spare $1 billion on hand, to spend on bringing “The Gabba” cricket ground up to world standard, for the intended 2032 Olympic Games bid!

Typical Labor Government: all about making its mark, bringing glory to a government intent on spending money they don’t have and leaving a debt legacy future Queensland generations don’t need.

Why is sports the top priority, when our public transport system and road network is failing Queenslanders who have no say in how taxpayers‘ money is spent?

Then, if we are successful for the Olympic bid, will money suddenly materialise for a world-class transport system to cater for the Games north of Brisbane?

A transport system badly in need of significant investment outside the capital, specifically, is what has been the bane of travellers in regional Queensland.

Investment in road and rail travel outside the metropolitan area, is not a Queensland Labor Government priority, unless you are the Gold Coast.

It has been 21 years since Queensland’s Olympic Games attracted phenomenal Labor Government investment in the Gold Coast.

All this time, regional Queenslanders contributed to the 2000 Olympics which made the Gold Coast the pride of the nation. Naturally, it is a Labor seat.

If the Premier has a spare $1 billion to waste, intending to make “The Gabba” a world-class venue, at the expense of regional Queenslanders who struggle with the “tyranny of distance” from our capital, then we need a second look at the budget and Labor’s priorities into the next decade.

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart is also.”

– Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands


Harry's view on needle in Blackwater strawberry.
Harry's view on needle in Blackwater strawberry.


LPMC. So last October, the Qld Treasurer gave $40mil of Qld taxpayers money to support the Wagners Group of Toowoomba build an entertainment precinct for a driver trainer hub. What, again? WHY wasn’t this money spent on our pathetic Qld rural roads to reduce the road toll, reduce repairs on vehicles and have a safe state to travel. This money should be returned and yep another F for failure for the Qld Treasurer and his June budget.

KD, ROCKYVIEW. I would like to know if anyone else in the Rocky area is having trouble at night getting the stations on the 7 network. Ours are pretty well no good most nights.

ANON. The river bank development, what a joke. They could have made it a great place to visit, instead they stuffed it. Anybody that thinks it is a great job, you must have head so far up your a-- u can’t see daylight.


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