LETTERS: We need prisons, not motels, for crims

WE THE innocent people are advised to keep our houses locked day and night but criminals can walk out of their cells at 3am and escape.

I thought they were locked in their cells at night.

Apparently not.

It is about time our weak politicians built prisons, not four-star motels like Etna Creek.

Eric Davidson


Take extra care at roundabouts

ROUNDABOUTS are a great traffic control structure that allows traffic to flow through quite well, when people use them properly.

When approaching multi-lane roundabouts you should plan your path through the roundabout well before entering and ensuring that you read road markings and any signage to select the correct lane for your intended path.

The road rules state that we should give way to all vehicles already on the roundabout and the definition of give way is that you should safely enter an intersection without causing another vehicle to brake or swerve to avoid a collision. Judgment is a key factor so it is important that you approach a roundabout at a safe speed to be able to judge a safe gap to enter.

A simple guide for motorists can be applied: left in - left out; right in - right out; straight ahead - either lane unless markings or signs indicate differently.

Always indicate your intentions and allow sufficient warning for other motorists to be able to react.

If you are going left at the first exit point, signal left approaching and leaving the roundabout.

If you are going straight, enter the roundabout with no indicator and signal left before exiting.

If you are going right or doing a u-turn, signal right approaching the roundabout and indicate left before exiting.

It is important to note that trucks may use up both lanes of a multi-lane roundabout, so please keep behind the trailer of the truck and do not try to overtake on the roundabout.

Cyclists may use the left lane of a multi-lane roundabout when turning right and must give way to any vehicle that wants to leave the roundabout and motor vehicles need to give way to the cyclist on the roundabout before entering. Cyclists may take up the whole lane when travelling through a single lane roundabout.

It is important to note that not all drivers or riders know the road rules so it is important to always drive or ride defensively and anticipate potential problems and allow appropriate safety margins and cushions while travelling through roundabouts.

https://www.qld.gov .au/transport/ safety/rules/wheeled -devices/bicycle

Leyland Barnett

Nth Rockhampton

Thank you for help

on Australia Day

ON BEHALF of the three of us I would like to thank the travelling public who immediately, without hesitation, came to our assistance in our time of need during a traffic incident (20km east of Duaringa on Australia Day).

You guys are just amazing the way you looked after all the details for the ambulance officers, police etc as well as so unselfishly using your personal belongings to care and treat our injuries.

We for sure disrupted your day big time and the song It's A Beautiful World enters my head when I recall that day.

I hope the children left in the cars (as my son informed me) aren't too traumatised by the bloodied pair of old guys on the side of the road and to tell them that we are all okay, if they ask.

To the ambulance officers, police, doctors, nurses et al, I didn't realise how professional and seriously good you are at your jobs until that day.

I haven't the words to express my gratitude to all concerned and may good karma come your way. Even the towie - thanks heaps, mate. I am so proud to be Australian.

Alexander Robert Charles


Rain gauge still isn't catching water

WITH all this rain around lately I've had quite a few people asking me about my brand new second-hand $1.59 rain gauge I purchased a few years ago.

For those who came in late, I had to purchase a rain gauge because all my sparring partners at the North Rockhampton Bowls Club owned one.

I'd walk in and they would be saying, 'I found 1.2, 3.8, .7 of rain in my gauge this morning'.

I'd feel like a duck out of rain water when they would ask me how much I got.

I went out and purchased a beauty for $1.59, but it had one fault, it wouldn't catch rain.

I even took it out of my garage where I kept it for safekeeping, set it up in my back yard under a umbrella to protect it from the elements - and it still didn't catch any water.

I don't know what else I can do to make it work, I've asked so called rain experts but they just give me a strange look.

I've read books and asked on Facebook but all to no avail.

It looks like I will have to lick my wounds and just not join in the conversation with my drinking mates or try and change the subject to rugby league so I will finally feel at home.

The older I get I wonder why all these problems follow me around.

Baron Large


Man injured, hospitalised in Rocky service station assault

Man injured, hospitalised in Rocky service station assault

Assault and street altercation within minutes in nearby streets

Stunning coast property sells to local for $1m+

Stunning coast property sells to local for $1m+

Luxury three-level Yeppoon home gained international attention

Police reveal details of Rocky pub capsicum-spray struggle

Police reveal details of Rocky pub capsicum-spray struggle

Drug squad's discovery after man seen 'acting suspiciously' at pub

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