Blackwater McDonald's toon
Blackwater McDonald's toon

LETTERS: ‘Wearing a mask is a social responsibility’

THERE have been a number of cases where people have claimed that it is their right to not wear a face mask.

Human beings are social beings, just like ants and bees.

Our prime responsibility is to the society to which we belong.

We have no personal rights until we have satisfied our responsibility to the society.

Wearing a mask is, in some places, a social responsibility.

Tom Bradbury, Norman Gardens

Source of COVID-19

THE ANSWER to “Still seeking virus source” (Tim Muddle CM 25/7).

Scientist Shi Zhengli reportedly developed the coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan P4 LAB (filed a Chinese Patent on 21 January, Use of Anti-2019 Novel coronavirus) published four papers researching the capacity for coronavirus transmission across species specifically with the spotlight on the ‘S’ protein that allows it to penetrate all human cells, that integrated with human ACE-3 receptors.

In November 2015, her paper discussed a self-replicating Chimeric virus (Containing genes for different origins) that had the SARS virus as the framework with the ‘S’ protein replaced by the one they found in a bat coronavirus she had mentioned in her 2013 paper.

That shows China has had COVID-19 in their laboratories for seven years.

After the Wuhan outbreak, Indian researchers compared the ‘S’ protein sequence between 2016-nCo V (Wuhan coronavirus) and SARS.

They found it had four new sequences inserted, all of which can be found in HIV sequences gp41 as a protein of HIV, that acts as a key to infecting human bodies resulting in the functional failure of the immune system and body cells.

It is a gain-of-function Chimeric virus added genes will continue to mutate for years making a vaccine almost impossible to produce or be effective.

Dr Francis Boyle, who drafted the US ‘Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989’, clearly expressed, the novel coronavirus we’re facing here is an offensive biological warfare weapon.

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) have indicated similar concerns in an evaluation report.

US Doctors very concerned why they’re seeing ‘unprecedented’ blood clotting among COVID-19 patients. “The number of clotting problems I’m seeing in the ICU, all related to COVID-19, is unprecedented,” Dr. Jeffrey Laurence, a haematologist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City, wrote in an email to CNN. “Blood clotting problems appear to be widespread in severe COVID.”

G J May, Forestdale


Blackwater McDonald's toon
Blackwater McDonald's toon


MOOSE, DEPOT HILL: Well apparently some woman who refused to wear a mask in Bunnings in Melbourne caused quite a stir and was quoting rights. Simple lady, you should have been arrested on the spot for public nuisance breaches and locked up. Grow a brain.

LPMC. Brittany Lauga quoted Qld was in a strong Economic Position now the new Qld Treasurer says Qld’s financial position is in a mess, who has Brittany been listening to, one would wonder.


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