Rohingya children queue to collect food in a camp in Ukhiya, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.
Rohingya children queue to collect food in a camp in Ukhiya, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. ABIR ABDULLAH

LETTERS: What are we doing to help Rohingya?

I AM waiting to hear of the powers-that-be in the ACT urgently sending plane- loads of supplies to Bangladesh to begin to help the half-million Rohingya who have fled there to escape the murderous army in their homeland of Myanmar (Burma).

Bangladesh is a country still reeling from massive flooding, on top of its appalling poverty.

Yet it is helping as much as is possible.

What are our leaders doing in our name?

Will they just carry on bad-mouthing each other, playing the blame game?

Or will they attempt to assist other humans in such suffering?

Let your local member know of your concern. Phone. Email. Who will be there for us in our day of tribulation?

For pity's sake, act.

If only we had an air force to drop urgently needed food, tents, medical supplies instead of bombs ... oh wait, hang on ...

Keith Bambrick


Yeppoon isn't being overshadowed

I AM writing in answer to the person who said they are sick of being overshadowed by Rockhampton.

All I can say is, where do they spend their days, inside apparently.

They need to go for a walk around Yeppoon and see what has been done down there, after all, they were given some of Rockhampton's suburbs which I think is quite laughable because you have to drive through Rockhampton to get to Parkurst and (?) another one.

I could drive from my place to there in 10 minutes at the most.

Yeppoon also got our water.

Yeppoon was too mean to donate money when the barrage was being built. Yeppoon residents, stop whinging and get on with your life.

I also suggest you go to SpecSavers and get your eyes tested for a decent pair of glasses.

Fay Willis


Who decides what is true or right?

I WISH to applaud Paul Lucas for his respectfully written and plain-speaking letter (MB October 3, 2017).

Truth and love do belong together, as Mr Lucas pointed out. If we saw our blind neighbour about to walk off the edge of a cliff, would it be loving just to let them go?

If our neighbour was standing at the end of a cliff and threatening to jump off, would it be loving to encourage them to do it? If we see our neighbour, and much of society, in a state of self-delusion and on the way to destruction, surely it is loving to tell them and to seek to show them the way of life.

Karyn Battersby's response to Mr Lucas (MB October 4, 2017) actually brings us to the nub of the matter: Truth. Is there such a thing as Absolute, or Universal, Truth? Many today deny it. They say, "It's true for me!” "Each to their own.” "If it feels good, it must be right!” But it doesn't work, does it? Why?

Because some people think and feel that they have a right to do whatever they want with the life and property of others - whether murder, rape, theft or any other way. What then? Does political or military power decide what is true or right?

Or is the majority always right? Which majority - historically, nationally, culturally?

People lament that Christians keep appealing to the Bible in relation to the marriage debate and any other area, but we do this because we believe that the Bible is God's Word of Truth. In the Bible, our Creator tells us who He is and how we ought to live.

The Bible answers the big questions: How did we get here? What are we here for? Where are we going? The Bible teaches us about Jesus Christ, who says, "I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). Supposedly we live in a "progressive and tolerant” society. However, is it progress or decline? Will good or evil be tolerated? The answers are in God's Word. To echo the words of Martin Luther 500 years ago, "Here we stand. We can do no other. So help us, God.”

Neil van der Wel,

Minister of Reformation Presbyterian Church, Rockhampton

Fitzroy River didn't always have crocs

THEY swam racehorses in the Fitzroy river opposite the Morning Bulletin office until 1980. We had some of the best times at the Ski Gardens, 20-odd boats and families all day and half the night after a barbecue tea, but no crocs.

Above the barrage, above the dredge, Sandy Island, I have camped there overnight, no crocs.

I have worked the Fitzroy, Mackenzie, Isaac, no crocs.

Only when I was a kid one big fellow was washed out by the '56 flood, shot the next day about the same time a male and female in river shot in same area - flats above Ridgelands, no more crocs.

I swam those rivers until 1970 removing cattle from flood waters, no more.

I would not wash my hands over the side of the boat.

Sid J Dooley


Coalition needs to make some changes

HAVING read the Bolt Report in Monday's Bully I strongly agree with the text of this report.

If the Coalition wants to keep Bill Shorten from becoming the next prime minister at the next federal election, they had better wake up to themselves and get rid of that grandstanding show pony Turnbull and put Tony Abbott back in the leader's seat and do it now!

I have been a long-time supporter of the Coalition but if they keep Turnbull as leader, I will vote for One Nation.

NWH Timms


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