LOST INDUSTRY: Long time Holden Enthusiasts Linda and Maurice McCartney hold a photograph of themselves in their youth outside the Holden plant in Elizabeth, Adelaide on Friday, October 20, 2017. Holden produced its last car in Australia last year.
LOST INDUSTRY: Long time Holden Enthusiasts Linda and Maurice McCartney hold a photograph of themselves in their youth outside the Holden plant in Elizabeth, Adelaide on Friday, October 20, 2017. Holden produced its last car in Australia last year. Morgan Sette

LETTERS: What happened to the self-sufficient Australia?

WHEN I was lad through the 1960s, Australia was virtually self-sustaining and self-sufficient. Everything needed in every home was made locally, ranging from shoes and sandals to ships and aircraft.

Now 50 years later in the second decade of the 21st century we have none of those industries operational. Why?

As I understand this situation, it has nothing to do with the propaganda from politicians that say jobs of today will not be there tomorrow, but the poor decision-making by proponents of the New World Order and globalisation that has in my opinion, deliberately eroded out nation independence and empowered second world countries in Asia and South-East Asia.

We supply all the base metals for the furnaces of Korea and Japan, send communication centres to India and the Philippines and import all our home and national needs from everywhere.

We are becoming a nation of global dependence importing pins, nails and screws to cars and trucks and more seriously, refined fuels for everything on wheels.

Now in the second decade of the 21st century, we have governments and parliaments hell-bent on reducing what manufacturing and industrial operations remain by retaining the Paris Agreement and forcing so-called renewables that needs a name change to unreliable energy production.

Wind and solar is and will always be unsuitable for all large commercial, industrial and manufacturing industries. Large regional towns and cities cannot function on solar and wind, all need stable and reliable electricity 24/7 and every day of the year.

Like adopting globalisation in trade, it has been possibly the most damaging national decision made by government post World War II.

Left Neo-Marxism by the Labor Rainbow Alliance and the socialist fringe dwellers will do unimaginable social damage, and coupled with unreliable solar and wind with the disaster of globalisation will see Australia win the doomsday treble that will doom this nation to a second or their world nation by the end of the century.

Are there only a few of us that have the vision of this inevitable national disaster that will overwhelm us all?

We desperately need leaders and visionaries in all parliaments across Australia. We must demand that all politicians cease the toxicity between themselves of matter that is destroying our national character and heritage.

The same demand is made of our national media, electronic and print, because our nation and its peoples are fractured, and seriously divided, and headed towards a very dark place.

Robert S Buick

Mountain Creek

Hey major party voters, try something different

THERE have always been died in the wool major party voters.

However, I know from years of speaking with these people, none are 100% satisfied with the major party of their choice. Some don't like mass immigration. Some don't like the environmental policies.

Some don't like the attitude to gender. There are countless issues the died in the wool major party voter has to cop because they can't get them changed. No such word as "can't”.

These upcoming by-elections mean nothing. They won't change a thing. Wrong! They won't change a thing if died in the wool major party voters vote as per usual.

If died in the wool major party voters voted for everyone else that's running before the major parties, no major party pollies would get elected.

Makes absolutely no difference to the government of the day. But, died in the wool major party voters would be sending a clear message to the major parties, that they better stop taking their loyalty for granted!

Frank Brown


Scathing report into electricity industry

AFTER 12 months of investigation, the ACCC have issued a rather scathing report into our electricity industry.

Palaszczuk's Government Minister Lynham insists on telling us that household electricity prices are on the way down, be it by a paltry 5 cents a day with a couple of dollar sweeteners thrown in for good measure. In fact, the kWh charge was decreased 2.3 per cent but the service fee component of our bill was "increased” by 2.1 per cent!

But not an explanation of why he approved a 10.5 per cent price rise, (17.354c to 19.176c) to our off peak T31, hot water charge; over five times our inflation rate that Minister Lynham continues to inform us that electricity prices have "not” increased above.

Typical household bills have increased by 143 per cent or 2.43 times, since this confounded service fee was introduced to our household bills by Labor on November 14, 2005.

The grossly unfair part of this shemozzle is that the kilowatt hour charge has doubled, from 13.497 cents to 27.828 cents. But, even worse, the service fee increased by almost six times, from 17.063 cents a day to a massive 97.843 cents.

I have been informed (phoned) by a previous government minister that "one of the reasons” why this service fee has been grossly increased, was due to the loss of revenue to retailers/government, by households' rooftop solar systems. This service fee has ensured a method of ongoing revenue to retailers, such as Ergon Energy, from households with solar installations.

But it has had a negative impact on all users of electricity, particularly single consumers and many pensioners.

Electricity customers pay around $90 a quarter for this service fee regardless of how little electricity they use from the network, just to have a service connection to our residence.

Finally, re capped electricity prices.

I have a copy of a Ministerial Delegation and Cover Letter, signed by previous Labor Energy Minister Mark Bailey, dated May 31, 2017, instructing Professor Roy Green, chair of the QCA, to issue new reduced regulated retail electricity prices by June 16, 2017.

And to be effective from July 1, 2017, replacing the current May 31, 2017 QCA issued price determination.

The outcome of this directive was a commitment to maintain electricity prices in line with inflation, by the Palaszczuk Government paying (with Queensland taxpayers money) for the many, many, millions of dollars of solar network charges through to 2019/20. Instead of the retailers having to pay for the Solar Bonus scheme costs from their network prices.

It will be interesting to see the direction that electricity charges will take after this date.

John Blanchfield


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