LETTERS: Who asked would Archie have light or dark skin?


Who asked would Archie have light or dark skin?

Nearly everyone in the local pub and other pubs and clubs around the world.

Everyone asks will children have mum’s or dad’s (or grandparents) coloured skin, what coloured eyes and hair will they have, will they be tall or short.

A very natural question to ask.

For society’s fools to claim such is racist shows their stupidity, asking those natural questions is not a racist act nor is a discussing sexuality a sex act.

Sadly, Megan appears a badly failed prima donna?

Harry, you’re made of tough stuff, encourage your dear wife to seek counselling — sort out problem, queries, and comments in-house, not publicly.

- G J May, Forrestdale

Get moving this March

It has been a challenging year for many of us, and there’s never been a better time to prioritise our mental and physical health.

That’s why I want to encourage people in our community to get moving this March, by taking part in The March Charge and setting themselves a walking, running or moving challenge for the month.  

It’s not too late to sign up. You can Charge as an individual or join other Chargers and compete as a team, by setting a kilometre goal and fundraising for Cancer Council. 

It could be as simple as getting off the bus a couple of stops earlier or walking for your coffee on a Saturday morning.  

Nearly 1,900 Australian cancer cases each year are caused by a lack of exercise and we also know that a third of cancer cases are preventable by living a healthy lifestyle.  

By taking part in The March Charge, you will not only be supporting thousands diagnosed with cancer each year, but also reducing your own cancer risk by being active and building healthy habits.

Funds raised will support Cancer Council’s lifesaving cancer research, vital information and support services and cancer prevention programs to reduce cancer in the community. 

Head online to sign up to Charge at www.themarchcharge.com.au  and let’s tell cancer where to go!

- Cancer Council Queensland, CEO, Ms Chris McMillan


Harry's view on Gracemere biscuit business.
Harry's view on Gracemere biscuit business.


Thousands of cats and dogs were impounded and hundreds surrendered to Rockhampton Regional Council.

Fiona Coleman: I would think it’s mostly due to irresponsible people who think it’s their right to have pets but don’t look after them properly by getting them desexed, then they expect to be able to find homes for the unwanted litters. Or the animals escape their yards and are sent to the pound and the owners can’t or won’t pay the fees to get them out.

Obviously some peoples’ situations change but if you can’t afford to pay for desexing there are subsidies to help. Or if you can’t afford desexing, vaccinations, Vet fees, microchipping, then it’s not responsible to get a pet.

Rachael Simpkins: 100 per cent support mandatory desexing!! Thank you to those who volunteer at animal rescues like #CapricornAnimalAid for helping unwanted pets. We love our rescue dog.

Bec Butler: Make back yard breeding illegal!! If you don’t have a breeders licence and the proper facilities don’t breed!!!

Angel Meerten: I’d say it would have something to do with people being kicked out of their homes and not able to take their pet with them or new place doesn’t accept pets. Unfortunately some people have had to decide to either house their kids over their pets sad but true.

Sue Davidson: Thanks to the many, many rescue groups that save animals from this facility and also Biloela and Yeppoon pounds. Some of these animals go to rescues in the south east of the state.

Sebastian Stiegler: Imagine that it has something to do with the rental market and people having a better chance without a pet to get a place as it’s already really tough to gets rentals as it is.

Towning Blake: Exit fees and registration and adoption is too high. You wonder why you have so many. Most people will give away a dog. You won’t want to pull it out of the pound they would just get another dog.

Aimee Maree: The council needs to re-think the pound fees... it is a lot of money to get your pet out of the pound especially if it was an accidental escape or someone let them out and imagine the cost if it were two pets. So it is easier for some to just surrender them because they can’t afford to get them back. Plus the yearly fees for owning more than two dogs is high especially when they are all desexed, microchipped registered shouldn’t that make a difference in the cost like it does with rego. They need to ask the public what would be better suited since we live in a high low income community. More desexing subsidies, free microchipping days, impoundment payment plans. I’d be happy to answer a survey if emailed to me about what would help make things better, easier and cheaper.


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