LESSON IN FUTILITY: A letter writer asks: does anybody investigate whether a defendant is financially capable of paying fines and restitution prior to sentencing?
LESSON IN FUTILITY: A letter writer asks: does anybody investigate whether a defendant is financially capable of paying fines and restitution prior to sentencing? Barry Leddicoat

LETTERS: Who's investigating if SPER debts can be paid?

"BUGGY thief's escape from custody for a ciggie seals fate” (TMB 28/04).

Now the defendant was charged with the theft of a golf buggy and joyride and eventually with escaping lawful custody by hobbling out of court to have a ciggie and his record showed that he had an extensive criminal history which had accumulated $14,000 in SPER debts.

So what sentence did the magistrate hand down? Well apart from the slap on the wrist, 10 months' prison from which he will be paroled on July 23, our learned magistrate ordered him to pay $6000 restitution.

Oh my god, he has already built up $14,000 in unpaid SPER debts and now he has another $6000 landed on him by the court.

Does anybody investigate whether a defendant is financially capable of paying the fines and restitution prior to sentencing, because it is a lesson in futility and let's face it, the cost of keeping track and endeavouring to control the SPER debt would be an extremely expensive exercise.

Kev Hopkins

West Rockhampton

If Manly goes, no other club could fill the void

IT HAS been asked of yours truly, why do you still support the Sea Eagles when they are going so bad, Jack?

I have seen others jump ship when their particular team at that moment in time was not successful, but I will stay the journey and still stay loyal to the Manly Sea Eagles while they are in the NRL.

Other fans of rugby league that I know, in particular Richie Lloyd Jones (St George) or Mick Wheeler (Parramatta) who has gone through more pain than most with his support of the blue and gold, would never consider switching to other clubs while both teams are in the NRL.

Phil Rothfield with his Monday Buzz has indicated that Manly may be on the verge of being eliminated from the NRL with what is happening at the Sea Eagles.

He makes the valid point of asking why has this club had more turnover of executives than all the other clubs within the NRL?

If the unthinkable ever happens, that this great club is no longer within the NRL, this particular fan will not be supporting another club, but will be a fan of rugby league in general.

Jack Lewis


Trump's tough stand on North Korea has worked

SINCE Donald Trump was elected to office as US President, he has been abused, lampooned and ridiculed. Be that as it is, he has achieved something that no US president has done since the end of the Korean War.

Trump has called North Korea's bluff and his take-no-nonsense stance towards Kim Jong Un's petulant attitude has seen the cooling of tensions between North Korea and South Korea, to a point of seeing both sides sit down at the table and enter into dialogue which has relieved tension on the Korean Peninsular and a sigh of relief through out the world. Let's hope Donald Trump can bring about the cooling off of Vladimir Putin's latest bit of sabre rattling, so that the world can sleep with both eyes closed.

NWH Timms


Confused about some climate change terms

ROBERT S. Buick, TMB 27/4, writes on climate change.

He seems to think that he knows more on the subject than all of the scientists in the world. (I believe that all scientists accept that climate change is happening. Some scientists declare that it is not human induced. The question whether this scepticism is evidence or financially based is another discussion.) He further claims that the globe is cooling.

He does not say where the evidence for this is but it is contrary to the data sets of reliable sources such as the Bureau of Meteorology, NASA NOAA and others. He seems confused about some of the terms in the subject.

Weather is what happens in temperature, rain etc. at one location yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Climate at that location is the weather averaged over many years. Global climate is the average of all of the local climates. He says that global warming and climate change are not the same thing. They are.

The phenomenon was first called global warming, but that led to confusion because people might think that temperatures everywhere would increase. The globe is warming but local climates might get cooler, wetter or drier so climate change replaced global warming as a better description of the phenomenon.

Climate change is not a new idea. Fourier suggested, in 1824, that the atmosphere makes the planet warmer.

Tyndall, 1895, proved that CO2, water vapour and ozone trap heat in the atmosphere. In the 1980s the US congress was warned about climate change.

Tom Bradbury

Norman Gardens

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