DRY TIMES: The Mount Morgan No.7 dam in fuller times. It is now at 39 per cent.
DRY TIMES: The Mount Morgan No.7 dam in fuller times. It is now at 39 per cent. RRC

Level 2 restrictions after almost two years of little rain

AFTER very little rainfall in the past two years, the Mount Morgan community is facing further Level 2 water restrictions as the No.7 Dam falls below 40 per cent capacity.

In council's water committee it was decided that Level 2 water restrictions should be implemented in the area, subject to approval at a full Rockhampton Regional Council meeting next week.

The No.7 Dam is sitting at 39 per cent capacity.

The storage level in the dam has been gradually decreasing since November 2017, when flows in the Dee River filled the dam to almost 100 per cent.

Since then there has not been enough rainfall to create further direct flows to increase the storage level.

Level 1 water restrictions were put in place on May 20 and the average daily water consumption fell to 0.8ML, well below the Level 1 demand target of 1.4ML per day.

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Councillors and staff praised the Mount Morgan community for their efforts, with Councillor Neil Fisher claiming they would be "one of the best communities” when itcame to being waterwise.

"They are using less water than even what the targets are,” he said.

"The community in Mount Morgan deserve praise for the way they use the precious resource that is water.

"They really have taken collective responsibility to keep water usage low, which is fantastic.”

The council report noted that as the warmer weather approached it was vital to keep a strong focus on conserving water in the dam.

Level 2 restrictions would remain in place until the dam reached significantly above 50 per cent capacity.

"What this means in practice is that different residents will be able to use irrigation and sprinklers on different days to help manage water usage,” Cr Fisher said.

"I want to emphasise that these restrictions aren't a reason to panic. There is enough water in the dam to serve the community's needs.

The highest restriction is Level 6, which would be activated once the dam reaches below 10 per cent.

When full, the No.7 Dam holds more than two years of water supply.

The council report notes that with water restrictions implemented, the dam is able to supply water to Mount Morgan for almost five years with little to no inflows.

This assessment was based on the period from 2003-04 to 2007-08, during which at one point the dam level reduced to about 3 per cent.

The Mount Morgan community has a long-standing positive history of waterwise behaviour, even when there is abundant water supply.

The average annual residential water usage per property in Mount Morgan is almost 50 per cent lower than that in Rockhampton in recent years.

The restriction is subject to approval at the full council meeting next week.

Council will be sending out detailed information to all affected residents.

Level 2 water restriction requirements

  • Include what is currently in place for level 1 restrictions
  • Irrigation or sprinklers to be used on alternate watering days for odd or even numbered houses, with odd numbers watering on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and even numbers watering on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, with no use of irrigation on a Monday.
  • Hand-held watering is permitted on any day of the week between the hours of 4 pm and 9 am.

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