2013 is so last year
2013 is so last year

Alcohol restrictions at NYE ball

TOUGH alcohol restrictions at tonight’s Gangster and Glamour Ball will limit what drinks can be served after 11pm.

Police and liquor licensing have placed conditions on the New Year’s ball which will restrict the consumption of alcohol to mid-strength drinks (up to 4%) or wine in serves of 100ml after 11pm.

Authorities were yesterday promising they would be out in force to make sure it was a safe start to the New Year.

Gangster and Glamour Ball spokesman Gary Stickley said the organising committee had worked hard with police and liquor licensing to get a good compromise for a formula that should work.

“Everyone loves the all-inclusive aspect of the ball, but it has to be controlled,” Mr Stickley said.

“In getting together with liquor licensing and police it was determined that by 11pm everyone should be extremely happy and we will look at introducing mid-strength drinks to help control the patrons, but still keep everyone in a great party mood.”

Earlier this week, he said the behaviour of a small minority at last year’s Recovery had caused liquor licensing to cancel the event this time around.

Meanwhile, Rockhampton police are encouraging all people celebrating New Year’s festivities to plan their night out early and ensure that they have organised safe transport home.

Posters have been produced by Queensland Transport to ensure all revellers have the opportunity to travel by taxi or bus from licensed venues and the ball.

Officer-in-charge of Rockhampton station Senior Sergeant Mel Adams said all Rockhampton traffic bra

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