Lindy Williams shows police what happened in the house where she was found to have murdered her partner George Gerbic before cutting up his body and dumping his torso.

VIDEO: Inside the house where George Gerbic was murdered

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Warning: Graphic content

LINDY Yvonne Williams told police she found her partner George Gerbic's dismembered body in their ensuite three days after the two had a violent fight.

It was an attempt to deceive officers that even her lawyer Simon Lewis dubbed "rubbish" during the trial.

Police filmed the 2014 crime scene walk-through where Ms Williams, now convicted of killing Mr Gerbic, 66, strung an elaborate set of lies to try to cover her tracks.

Now, four years after the walk-through and on the day she was sentenced to life in prison for his murder, the video has been made public. 

She claimed Mr Gerbic had attacked her with a knife and then slipped in a pool of her blood and struck his head in the kitchen.

Mr Gerbic's dismembered, burnt, headless corpse was found near Gympie in September 2013.

At the start of the trial Williams, 60, admitted to interfering with her partner's corpse but pleaded not guilty to murder. On Friday a jury found her guilty of murdering Mr Gerbic.

Part one:

Late at night on Thursday, July 17 in 2014, Williams walks Detective Senior Constable Brett Long into the house. She tells him Mr Gerbic was in a foul mood on the day he died.

"He was really quite angry, and I was just going to give him his dinner on the tray and go, because I knew he was angry," she said.

"He had a mouthful of the steak and said something about that it's tough and stood up and threw the tray on the floor sort of over that way.

"He picked a knife up, he had it in his hand … and he just started to lunge at me with the knife. He cut me on the neck, I put both hands up, he cut me on the arm."

She told police she ran from the room but struck her head on either a bookshelf or the door on the way out.

Part two:

Williams told police the cut on her arm was deep and due to bleeding, she fled to the kitchen to wrap it in a tea towel.

She said Mr Gerbic followed her into the kitchen and where he slipped in a pool of her blood. She tells police he fell over and hit his head. She told police she ran to a bedroom before Mr Gerbic fell but she heard the impact.

Facebook photos of Torso victim George Gerbic and murderer Lindy Williams
Facebook photos of Torso victim George Gerbic and murderer Lindy Williams


Part three: 

Williams told police she barricaded herself in the bedroom, tying the door shut with a curtain tie and blocking it shut with a TV stand.

She said she sat on the bed in the room and armed herself with a knife she had next to the bed.

"I had a knife by my bed. I always usually sleep with a knife by my bed since the first time he went for me."

Part four: 

Williams told police she wrapped her injured arm in clothes that were in the room and stayed inside all night.

"I just got into bed, turned the light on and stayed in bed all night, waiting to see what will happen. And I didn't hear him," she said.

"I just put my head down there and thought, 'Well if he comes in and kills me, he comes in and kills me'.

She said she did not believe she was strong or fast enough to break a window and get out of the house without Mr Gerbic hearing it.

Part five: 

Williams said the next morning she left the room and looked for Mr Gerbic, expecting him to dismiss the fight as "an exaggeration".

She said she planned on grabbing some things and fleeing the house but saw Mr Gerbic's body still on the kitchen floor.

"I got to about here and then I realised he was here, on the floor. But I didn't stop. I kept on going because I was scared. I didn't know, even though I saw his foot slip and heard the noise, I didn't know if he was tricking me and was going to get up. I just ran as fast as I could out here."

Williams told police she believed Mr Gerbic was only wearing shorts at the time, having taken his shirt off earlier in the afternoon.

Part six:

Williams tells police she fled the house for three days after the fight with Mr Gerbic.

She said she had organised with a friend to spend time in Sydney and returned to the house to collect clothes. In the video Williams tells police she walked into the house and saw Mr Gerbic's body was no longer where she had left it.

"Of course, I looked there, and no George. So, in my heart, a sigh of relief, he's not here, he's OK, he's probably at the beach or wherever."

Part seven: 

Williams then walked police to the other end of the house to a room she and said she believed Mr Gerbic may have been in. Williams told police she did not see Mr Gerbic until she turned to the bathroom and found his upper half on the floor.

"I went in there, and no George. And then I just saw this thing here," Williams said.

Officer Long asked Williams what exactly she saw in the bathroom.

"George, the top part. In a plastic, wrapped in a plastic."

Williams said she saw plastic and smelled "a really horrible smell". She said she pulled the plastic back and "could see George's black t-shirt", that he always wore. She said she put the plastic back over Mr Gerbic and went and sat in her bed with a blanket over her head.

Part eight: 

Williams then told Snr Det Const Long she considered calling police but instead decided to dispose of the body herself.

She said she asked herself if she had done this herself and fainted or if someone had turned up at the house and cut Mr Gerbic up.

"No, I couldn't do that, did someone I know do this?" she said.

But this was a lie. She had in fact used a powersaw to cut Mr Gerbic's body up.

But in the interview Williams told police the she decided against calling the police and instead dragged the corpse outside.

"So, I went and got a tarp and a rope and wrapped it up," she said.

"I tried to pick it up with just the plastic and I couldn't pick it up because it was too heavy. That's when I went and got the tarp and the rope and after I wrapped it up I dragged it out."

She loaded his butchered corpse into a car and eventually dumped it near Gympie.

On Friday, Williams was sentenced to life in prison for Mr Gerbic's murder.

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