Live baiting ‘ingrained’ in greyhound racing culture: RSPCA

AN ANIMAL welfare expert says investigations show live-baiting is "ingrained" in the greyhound racing industry culture across Queensland.

RSPCA Queensland chief executive officer Mark Townend said people should not believe claims the live-baiting scandal was centred on only a few people within the industry.

"It's well and truly ingrained in some of the culture, there is no doubt about that," he said.

"Don't believe the myths... that it's just a couple of rouge trainers. That's far from the truth."

The RSPCA has teamed up with police to investigate trainers who they allege used live animals including piglets, possums and rabbits to train greyhounds on the race track.

Mr Townend said it could be months, or even a year, before the matter goes to court.

He also welcomed the State Government's independent review into the industry and its regulations.

Last week Racing Minister Bill Byrne announced a review to determine how the live-baiting went unnoticed in the industry.

The review would take about three months, which barrister Alan McSporran SC would lead.

It was also expected to cost about $3 million, which the racing industry would fund.

Last Monday, Mr Byrne said the review's terms of reference would be released within a few days.

But on Monday, exactly one week after announcing the review, there was still no clear indication when this would occur.

A spokesman for the minister said the terms of reference would be released soon.

Mr Townend said an independent review was a "good and measured" approach to determine how the system broke down, how to fix regulations and how to move forward.

Last week Mr Byrne also said it was not "rocket science" to suggest there had been a regulatory oversight problem in the greyhound industry.

"There wouldn't be anybody in Queensland that wasn't as horrified as myself on witnessing the events on (ABC program) Four Corners and it's my intention to do everything humanly possible to stamp out such practice in the future," he said.


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