Livingstone mayoral candidates have their final say

Cr Bill Ludwig, Kay Becker and Brian Fisher will campaign to be elected as Mayor for the new Livingstone Shire Council. Photo Trish Bowman / Capricorn Coast Mirror
Cr Bill Ludwig, Kay Becker and Brian Fisher will campaign to be elected as Mayor for the new Livingstone Shire Council. Photo Trish Bowman / Capricorn Coast Mirror Trish Bowman

IT IS Livingstone polling day and the mayoral candidates have their final say.

Polling booths are open 8am to 6pm.

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Kay Becker

Brian Fisher

Bill Ludwig

Livingstone Shire mayor candidate Kay Becker.
Livingstone Shire mayor candidate Kay Becker. Chris Ison

KAY BECKER: A new shire needs a new beginning and I can deliver that.


I come to the council with a fresh set of ears and eyes, with no baggage from past or present councils, and will be able to take an objective view of the way forward.

It is vital the entire shire is represented in council decisions and whether you are in Ogmore, Glenlee, The Caves, Yeppoon, Emu Park, Mt Chalmers or Keppel Sands, every part of the council is important and I will ensure every area has fair representation.

To do this I intend to meet with every community in the shire and consult with the ratepayers and residents to receive first-hand information from these communities as to what is needed and what is important to them.

There is more to rural communities than just roads and we need to ensure there are other services provided.

Council must remember people live, work and play in all parts of the shire and, to ensure they are the best they can be, we need to consult with the community.

Consultation and two-way communication is the key to ensuring dynamic, sustainable communities.

During the first 12 months of the new Livingstone Shire Council, the cost of de-amalgamation must be repaid and this will mean a tight budget during that period.

Brian Fisher: I'm confident I have listened to people across the shire and can deliver on their expectations.


I have heard especially what people do not want and can provide a fresh start approach for the shire.

Controlled development, community-based programs, budgetary controls, and an open ear to the constituents are some of the key messages I intend to deliver on.

People are looking for things to happen.

The majority want to ensure a future for their children and facilitating jobs and business growth must be foremost on the council's agenda.

Announcing a CPI cap on rates for the following two years is also important.

All we have heard about is to expect rate rises as a result of re-establishing the shire. Apart from being initially advised this would not be the case if de-amalgamation went ahead, people cannot be left hanging on an unknown rate increase.

I will put it right on the table now - CPI rate rise only.

We need to approach council as a business, not rely on targeting ratepayers to maintain non-essential costs.

The financial road will not be easy but I believe there will be substantial avenues to reduce council spending and promote financially efficient growth in all areas of our shire.

I have witnessed the loss of a number of opportunities for development in the area. We do not need a Gold Coast or gold rush. We need steady development.

The potential for tourism growth, not only to the Keppel's and Coast, but in farm stay and rural park environment is only one area that begs attention.

However once that debt is repaid we will know we are able to meet that commitment and that amount of money will be able to be put back into infrastructure or debt reduction in future years. This will allow for a dynamic prosperous shire.

Bill Ludwig
Bill Ludwig Trish Bowman

Bill Ludwig: On March 9 the people of Livingstone made history by democratically choosing to reclaim our independence and right to self-determine.


If given the honour to again serve as mayor, my role will be to contribute knowledge, experience, and leadership to ensure our new Council begins with a secure foundation which is inclusive, responsive, well-managed, and with a "whole of Shire" focus.

In bringing down the first three Council budgets, I will also ensure they are affordable, and the "massive" rate rises predicted by some never happen.

Council will listen to, and work closely with the whole community.

Within the first three months, we will travel to every area to hear what your priorities are and then work hard to meet those expectations.

There will be a focus on creating opportunities for Livingstone to grow and prosper by attracting new industry, and encouraging existing industries and businesses to grow.

This will generate employment while building a more vibrant and diverse local economy.

Local businesses will be given first preference when it comes to awarding Council contracts.

While I was mayor,  Council secured more than $100 million in State and Federal Grants. 

Council is now well positioned to concentrate on securing further funding to build much-needed facilities. 

Few areas have our untapped potential and even fewer have the natural assets and lifestyle we enjoy. My commitment is to realise that potential while managing our assets responsibly and wisely.

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