Pre-poll voting began at Yeppoon Town Hall on Monday
Pre-poll voting began at Yeppoon Town Hall on Monday

Livingstone Shire Council election results shock

ELECTION results in Livingstone Shire have taken a huge turn around with Andy Ireland taking the lead with over 900 votes (46.02 per cent) ahead of incumbent Bill Ludwig (41.37 per cent) for the mayoral position.

With over 2000 postal votes still to come in and a decision yet to be made about preferences at the time of going to print, the final tally may not be known for some days.

Mayoral candidate Lynelle Burns who pulled in only 12.61 per cent which puts her out of contention for the mayoral position, said she is already thinking about the next election when she will once again run for the position of Mayor at Livingstone Shire Council.

“I put my hand up because I believed we needed a change and I still stand by that,” Lynelle said.

“I believe Bill Ludwig did a great job in his time, but it was definitely time for change.

“I am very happy with what I have done personally, many people didn’t know me before my campaign so I am not surprised by the results.

“Moving forward I do hope that Andy Ireland is true to his word and implements positive changes for our community.”

Having served this community as an elected representative continuously for the past 23 years, Bill Ludwig would like to thank all those who have support my continuing in this role.

“Regardless of the final outcome for this election, I must say it has been a real honour to have been afforded the opportunity to serve over that period of time,” Mr Ludwig said.

“The only negative has been the malicious and often defamatory campaign run on two Facebook sites during the course of this campaign.

“It will be important for Electoral Commission of Queensland and other relevant State authorities to investigate who has been behind these activities.

“Regrettably, if allowed to go unchallenged, sites like these and those responsible have the real potential of bringing the electoral process into serious disrepute.

“On a positive note, I believe the majority of candidates have acted responsibly and ethically throughout the campaign which has been commendable.

“Regardless of who wins or is unsuccessful I must congratulate them for having a go and on how they conducted themselves.”

On Sunday, Mr Ireland said at this point in time he is feeling optimistic but not willing to make any declaration until all votes have been counted and added to the final tally.

While it is still too early for declaration, the race for the position of councillor at this point will see numerous changes at the council table.

The current frontrunners are Glenda Mather with 10.28 per cent, Pat Eastwood at 10.12 per cent, Adam Belot with 8.89 per cent, Leah Grice 8.32 per cent, Tanya Lynch 8.28 per cent and Rhodes Watson at 7.97 per cent.

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