LNP vows to dump Labor's landfill levy

THE LNP have jumped on the State Government's landfill levy, stating it would be quashed if the party made it into office.

LNP Candidate for Keppel Bruce Young yesterday said the party was united against the "job-destroying Labor waste tax", and said rescinding it was an election promise.

The levy is expected to be introduced next month.

Rockhampton region councillors this week agreed to increase dump fees to take into account the levy, which Cr Brett Svendsen said would add $35 a tonne to the cost of disposing commercial waste at council tips.

It was estimated that the levy would generate around $3.5 million from the Rockhampton region.

Mr Young said introducing the tax before Christmas would hit small businesses and commercial operators, and he predicted it could add more than $3000 a year to the cost of running a medium-sized restaurant.

"Combined with the Federal Labor carbon tax of $23 a tonne, the new $35 tonne tax would apply for commercial, industrial, construction and demolition waste. These costs will be passed on to people," he said.

Mr Young said businesses and households were already hit with Labor's electrical charges and licence fees and he feared pensioners and retirees in nursing homes would also find it hard to cope with this latest tax.

Mr Young said the tax could also "punish" hospitality and tourism in Queensland, and he agreed with councillors in saying illegal dumping would increase.

"People will find a friendly farmer who has a property somewhere to get rid of commercial waste," he said.

Member for Keppel Paul Hoolihan yesterday said it was "absolute nonsense" for the LNP to claim it would get rid of the levy, as it couldn't afford not to have it.

He said the levy was for commercial operators only and would have no impact on household waste.

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