Aldi sign.

Local's doubts on ALDI product imports put to rest

THE announcement that ALDI is coming to Rockhampton has raised some questions among locals.

While most residents are happy to see the new discount supermarket giant open its doors, others have concerns the company will snub Australian producers for cheaper overseas imports.

ALDI has released a statement to quell doubter's fears which said the majority of items sold by the chain were locally sourced with profits going back into the Australian economy.

"As we expand into Rockhampton, it is in our interests as a growing organisation to continue buying locally and maintain the sustainability of the industries that support our operation," a spokesperson said.

"This includes 100% of our eggs, bread, fresh meat and fresh poultry products and 93% of our fresh dairy products, along with 91% of our fresh fruit and vegetables, which are Australian grown.

"We only source products from overseas when we can't find the product, quality, efficiency or innovation we seek here in Australia.

"At ALDI, we prefer to purchase fresh produce state by state to ensure the freshest, highest quality product at the best possible price, with a focus on seasonality and local producers.

"We have strong relationships with local farmers and manufacturers in Queensland, providing security for many Australian manufacturers with high-volume, timely and consistent orders, helping their flow of income.

"ALDI is proud to say that all profits generated in the Australian market are reinvested back into the Australian business, such as local expansion.

"As we grow, we'll continue to increase our volumes, providing more opportunities for additional local suppliers to partner with us."

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