Locals join future Olympians

FUTURE Olympians are taking part in the School Sport Australia Swimming and Diving Championships this week and that is why the performances of Caribeae's Sam Murphy and Briannah Holloway is so impressive.

The two young stars of the pool travelled across Australia to attend the event at Perth and compete in a number of disciplines against swimmers of their own age and ability.

With the championship yet to be completed the pair are performing above expectations.

First one to step up to the mark was Sam, 10.

“We thought he would do reasonably well as he's such a little fighter,” David Milburn, head instructor of the Caribeae Swimming Club said.

Milburn got that right as Sam, a student at Rockhampton Grammar School, took the bronze medal at the event in the 50 metre butterfly for boy's of 10 years and younger.

“He swam a personal best (PB) in the heats and improved on that time in the final,” Milburn said.

Prior to his race Caribeae swimming instructor Jodie Shanks had spoken to Sam and offered little pieces of advice.

“Jodie reminded him of the things he needed to think about,” he added.

Sam's success on Monday didn't really sink in at first.

“It dawned on him on Monday night that he is now the third fastest in Australia.” Milburn said.

Sam is also competing in the 50 metre freestyle, freestyle relay and the medley relay.

For Briannah the opening day proved to be a minor disappointment as she was one place outside winning a medal in her 50 metre butterfly event for 17-18 year olds in the SWD (Swimmers with a disability) division.

Again Milburn was delighted with Briannah's fighting performance as she not only managed a PB but has only just returned to fitness after suffering tendonitis in a shoulder.

“This result is so pleasing, she has a great attitude,” Milburn said.

If that was good then yesterday's news was even better as Briannah was a member of the four swimmer team that collected gold in winning the medley relay.

Briannah, a student at The Cathedral College, is still to compete in the 50 metre backstroke and the freestyle medley.

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