Cr Bill Ludwig seeks funds.
Cr Bill Ludwig seeks funds.

Ludwig wants $10m to fix road

FORMER Livingstone mayor Bill Ludwig is ready to go to war with the Australian Defence Force to win $10 million to improve the road to Stanage Bay.

Cr Ludwig tore into the army yesterday, accusing the military of not being a good corporate citizen and the Labor Party of failing to deliver on a pre-election promise.

Speaking in a debate on a new maintenance agreement with the Department of Defence for two other routes to the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area, he was scathing about the damage caused to Stanage Bay Road by military vehicles.

The last exercise had caused significant damage, he said, arguing Rockhampton Regional Council should demand $2 million every year for five years to seal the remaining 39 kilometres of the 50-kilometre route.

“We have to get forceful with the Federal Government and go to Canberra to press the claims,” he said.

“We will get nothing unless we fight for it.”

He said when it was in Opposition the Labor Party had committed to pay for a significant upgrade to the road and make good any damage caused during military exercises.

“There was a commitment in 2004 from Kirsten Livermore and senior party officials,” he said.

But Mayor Brad Carter said he was having discussions with the government and Defence Force and had a long-term plan to work with the military.

He said he was bound by commercial confidentiality and could not go into details in a public forum.

Under the arrangement revealed yesterday, the Department of Defence has agreed to contribute $384,000 to planned maintenance of Raspberry Creek Road and Rossmoya Road in 2010-11.

The so-called Green and Brown routes to Shoalwater Bay are the most heavily used during exercises by Australian, American and Singaporean forces.

Councillors on the Infrastructure Committee heard the deal would free up funding to allow other road works to be completed.

Dan Toon, the strategic manager of roads infrastructure, said in the past the Federal Government had contributed to repairs for specific damage, but had never before agreed to contribute to the planned upkeep of the routes.

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