Tale of two cities
Tale of two cities Harry Bruce

The tale of two cities a fairytale story - Rockhampton Mayor

THE region's tale of two cities may be more fairy tale than non-fiction if Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow's concerns ring true.

While Livingstone Mayor Bill Ludwig is hoping Yeppoon can achieve city status, Cr Strelow has warned Livingstone might not be able to conquer one hurdle.

During a guest appearance on Sea FM's breakfast show on Wednesday she explained the prerequisites to a curious caller who said he lived in Livingstone.

Cr Strelow explained the urban core of Yeppoon would have to be 15,000 and the population of the shire had to be 25,000.

She conceded Livingstone ticked both those boxes.

"The real kicker is that they've got to demonstrate they are the regional centre providing health and retail and public service services into the region," she said.

"And I think that's probably the one that's going to be a bit harder for them to prove."

She refused to give her opinion on whether city status could be achieved, saying it was Livingstone's business. But Cr Ludwig yesterday brushed off Cr Strelow's comments, saying the shire qualified more than a decade ago.

"We've got two hospitals, we've got higher education... Rosslyn Bay, recreational port facilities," he said.

Cr Ludwig said Livingstone was also considering proposals for an airport on the coast.

He agreed, while some people might travel to Rockhampton for their needs, most had everything they needed in the shire.

"City status will help enable us and the whole of Livingstone to play our part in national and international investments," Cr Ludwig said. "We're going to be a hub. At the end of the day we will never be able to do that under the badge of the Capricorn Coast."

He described his vision for two cities, and two councils, complementing each other, rather than competing against each other.

But Cr Ludwig said Livingstone would not be "stampeding" to city status.

He said it was one of many projects being closely monitored and the council's first focus was service delivery to ratepayers.

Cr Ludwig said he'd like city status to occur at some point during the current two-year term.

He said he hoped to have a preliminary discussion about city status with Local Government Minister David Crisafulli, whom he commended for his commitment to allowing de-amalgamation go ahead.

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