EDITORIAL: Macfarlane pays price for bid to switch parties

WHAT now for Ian Macfarlane?

Yesterday's decision by the LNP state executive to not endorse his bid to switch to the National Party is a clear message that disloyalty has it consequences.

Mr Macfarlane has had a distinguished career sitting in the Liberal Party room in Canberra.

But he badly miscalculated public and party sentiment when he floated his plan to switch parties.

AS IT HAPPENED: Macfarlane's political future in doubt after rejection

The LNP state executive rejected Mr Macfarlane's defection 14 votes to 12.

Amazingly state president Gary Spence then said he expected Mr Macfarlane to stand as the LNP candidate for Groom at the next federal election.

Should Ian Macfarlane resign?

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That seems unlikely - and unbelievable.

Mr Macfarlane has gone back to his previous stance that he will consider his future and discuss it with his family over Christmas before making a decision in the New Year.

He has used up an enormous amount of political capital and public goodwill.

The signs for a departure from politics are strong indeed.

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