MARRIED At First Sight's Tracey and Sean weren't matched by the experts, but it's clear their relationship is thriving.

Despite both being based in Perth the couple have confirmed they're moving across the country together and Tracey's young daughter won't be coming with them.

"We are moving to Melbourne!" she gushed to New Idea.

Tracey's daughter isn't moving with them

"When we move there I want to focus on my writing and Sean's almost qualified as a personal trainer. I'll travel to Perth regularly to see my daughter and she'll come here on school holidays," Tracey explained.

Sean was recently introduced to Tracey's eight-year-old daughter Grace and photos from their time together in Perth were splashed across social media.

They explained they will move to Melbourne in June and she hinted that more kids could be on the cards because they've already discussed marriage and starting their own family.

"I thought Tracey was too good for me"

The pair found each other after the show, but Sean admitted he always planned to ask Tracey out if her relationship with Dean ended.

"When I was initially sizing everyone up in the room, I thought Tracey was too good for me," he explained.

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Tracey has a new boyfriend and she's all but confirmed who it is

He explained he was drawn to her "goddess qualities" while Tracey admitted he wasn't on her radar, but she thought he was the "best-looking" guy on the show.

Sean believes she's a "terrific mother"

It's definitely getting serious for the couple who have both dropped the L-bomb and Sean has made a bold proclamation and revealed she's the "love of his life".

"She's so loving and caring, often putting others before herself," Sean gushed, "She's a beautiful person inside and out, and a terrific mother."

Their new relationship shocked the country but both Sean and Tracey say they are in this for the long haul.

"We said if we could get through the series without breaking up, we'd be fine. And we have," she explained.

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