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Magistrate doesn’t buy man’s excuse for tantrum at CQ pub

A man has been sentenced in court after a drunken tantrum after being told to leave a Central Queensland pub, but the Magistrate didn’t buy his excuse as to why he did it.

Darren William Boon was in the gaming room in Yeppoon’s Railway Hotel when he was refused another alcoholic drink at 1.20am on December 20, 2020.

Boon pleaded guilty on April 1, 2021, in the Yeppoon Magistrates Court to failing to leave a licensed premises and obstructing police at a licensed premises.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Shaun Janes said Boon got into a lengthy argument with staff.

He said Boon was reported to have fallen asleep at one of the poker machines.

Police got multiple calls reporting Boon’s intimidating behaviour.

The cops found him at 1.43am and eventually placed him under arrest.

“He continued to argue with police in relation to the reason,” Sergeant Janes told the court.

“He was unable to comprehend that he was committing an offence.”

Boon was asked to leave 15 times.

While under arrest, police needed to confiscate Boon’s possessions but he put his hand in his pocket to try and stop them.

“He further stated, ‘you’re not taking my smokes,’,” Sergeant Janes said.

Magistrate Jason Schubert said he was happy to hear Boon’s differences in the recollection of events if there’s a disagreement over the facts.

Representing himself, Boon told the court he didn’t want to leave the venue because he didn’t get his $1850 from the pokies.

“I asked was I being arrested, they said yes, and I asked what for, and at the time I believe it was said to me, assaulting police officer,” Boon said.

“As for the matter of getting in the paddy wagon, I’m overweight, I’m nearly 50 years old.

“And I asked for assistance to get in the paddy wagon.”

Boon said he hadn’t seen the body camera footage from police, so Mr Schubert decided to play it to the court.

“When we’re intoxicated, it’s often that our recollection of what actually happened is completely different,” Mr Schubert said.

The footage showed Boon wearing almost identical clothing on the night of the incident than he did on his court date.

Boon asked heaps of times why he was under arrest, and police had to keep telling him it was for failing to leave a licensed premises.

“You’ve been asked to leave, I won’t tell you again,” a police officer was heard saying in the video, while Boon was still at the pub.

“Let’s walk outside, or you’ll be placed under arrest. Let’s go.”

Police tried to shove Boon in the paddy wagon the first time, but he wouldn’t budge.

Five minutes later, they finally got him in.

“I did still asked for help getting in the paddy wagon,” Boon told the court.

“I did say thankfully, at the end of it, they got me in.

“Didn’t cover the fact that I was owed $1850.”

But Mr Schubert said he never heard Boon mention one thing, on the recording, about that money.

“Your version of events was that you told police it was all just about money,” Magistrate Schubert said.

“You said something about assaulting police.

“Your version of events is inconsistent with what we saw there.”

Boon said he recently went through a break-up and he was embarrassed by that night.

“I note … you were somewhat intoxicated under the occasion, because of the break-up, and that’s fine,” Mr Schubert said.

“It’s the way some people deal with it, but it doesn’t excuse your rather obnoxious behaviour on the night.

“You should be embarrassed.”

Boon was fined $1067 and a conviction was recorded.

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