Magistrate tells dads their kids are no excuse for meth use

A MAGISTRATE has told two Rockhampton fathers to clean up their acts after both were caught driving with methamphetamine in their system.

Each man asked Magistrate Cameron Press to take into account their roles as single parents when pleading guilty in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court to driving with drugs in their system.

But Mr Press told them they couldn't claim to prioritise their roles as fathers while also taking methamphetamine.

The Morning Bulletin has chosen not to name the men out of respect to their children.

The first man was pulled over by police while driving along Stewart St in Frenchville on the evening of April 29.

While taking his roadside drug test, the man admitted he had taken meth that morning.

When the man was asked if there were any mitigating factors which should be taken into account in his sentencing, he said he was a single father who had been going through a bad breakup.

Mr Press rejected this, saying anyone prioritising their children would not be on drugs.


"You keep taking this, you are risking your job, you are risking it taking over your life and you are risking jail," Mr Press said.

This appearance was followed by the second man, an unemployed father of four, who was found driving with drugs in his system on May 3 in East St.

During the roadside tests, the man told police he had smoked cannabis. Tests later also detected methamphetamine in his system.

The court heard several of the man's four children had severe medical issues, including one who was in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy.

Mr Press refused to consider the minimum sentence, again saying the father should be putting his children before drugs.

"He is spending the money the government is giving him, the people of Australia are giving him, on drugs," he said.

Both men was fined $450 and disqualified from driving for three months.

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