READERS DISCUSS: Magpies are on the attack across region

OUR Facebook readers let us know what they think of magpie season and the areas to avoid.

Emma Thwaite Tresize: I saw one swoop a guy across from the Gracemere school and pub the other day. It wasn't so much a swoop though, it was more of a dive straight into his head beak first. More than likely left him with a cut on his head.

Preston Marsh: Nothing funnier than watching people get swooped. Sorry but I've had my fair share and I find it hilarious.

Cara Wheatley-wrage: I don't find it funny at all. What if a magpie was to get someone or a child in the eye and lose their eye? Is that funny? No it's not. My kids are so scared of playing outside because we have a magpie that doesn't just swoop it bomb dives until I run chasing it. I almost put myself into early labour trying to get to my two-year-old son who fell over after being hit and it continued to bomb dive him when he was lying on the ground.

Nekina Mary-Ann Whap: Why is it funny? My brother got swooped by magpies on Alexandra St. They went down to his knees so I guess the sight of blood on a child's knee is hilarious. No it's not!

Tina Walton: It's war - one got me in the back of the head yesterday - luckily I had my hat on...

Piper Silva: Corner of Macallister and Larcombe Sts. Doesn't help that yobo kids from a few blocks away come and torment the birds on a daily basis. Thanks to them I was swooped in my own driveway and ended up with a bleeding skull.

Grammar and spelling corrected.

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