Protest against FIFO expected

HUNDREDS are expected to attend the latest protest meeting tonight against BMA's 100% fly-in fly-out plans for Moranbah.

The meeting, at the Moranbah Workers Club at 8pm, will plan the next phase of the fight to prevent the mining giant's proposal to hire an entire workforce in South-East Queensland and house staff in a camp.

Kelly Vea Vea, chairman of the Moranbah Action Group, said hundreds of residents and businesses had made submissions against the mammoth Buffel Park FIFO camp.

Former miner and state MP Jim Pearce has been leading a publicity campaign, but it has been countered by the Queensland Resources Council, which has launched a website which promotes the advantages of fly-in fly-out.

“We always knew that BMA would let the resources council do its bidding on these important issues, but local businesses and families are under no illusion about where the push is coming from,” she said.

“The QRC knows that if it can help push this 100% FIFO application through for BMA then it will be easier to push 100% FIFO through for the rest of the industry.”

She said the strategy could spread like wildfire, leaving Rockhampton region businesses without the investment needed to prosper in future and leaving mining families without the choice of living together anywhere in the region.

“Our meeting will be an important next step in the fight to ensure our region retains the jobs and investment it needs to grow,” she said.

“It will also be an important reminder that mining giants like BMA and the ARC should not be able to bypass our entire region when it comes to new jobs and investment,” she said.

Although the action group says mining communities will miss out if mining companies are allowed to engage remote workforces, QRC chief executive Michael Roche says the benefits of FIFO are clear.

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