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Majority of teaching students in first picked course

ALMOST 80% of all offers to university hopefuls to get teaching degrees in 2012 went to those who nominated teaching as their top choice, new research has found.

A paper on undergraduate courses for students who want to be teachers was released by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership on Monday.

The research was the first to bring together all national data on university students studying teaching.

It revealed the vast majority, some 77%, saw teaching as their "highest priority".

Of the 30,457 students who started a teaching degree at Australian universities in 2012, six out of every eight completed at least their first year of studies.

It also comes as Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne awaits the results of a review of the education system, which aims to improve teacher quality and student outcomes.

The data also showed that of the 16,650 students who completed their degrees in 2012, 43% of graduates were for primary education roles and 45% of post-graduate "completions" were to teach secondary students.

However, while between 82% and 87% of graduates in 2012 found full or part-time teaching work within four months of graduating, many were still seeking full-time work.

Some 55% of primary school qualified teachers and 57% of secondary school qualified teachers were only employed part-time, hopeful of getting full-time work in their chosen profession.


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