Making mates laugh is Kev’s favourite thing

FROM cracking up his mates with crude songs and jokes against the sunburnt backdrop of Kalgoorlie, to performing in front of thousands in London only years later, Kevin Bloody Wilson hasn't changed much since then.

Speaking to him before heading off on the Queensland leg of his Prevent Global Boring Tour, Kevin Bloody Wilson is one of few funny men who totally embody the spirit of Australian humour.

"That's part of my favourite run in the whole world, touring up through far north Queensland," he said yesterday.

Kev will stop in Rockhampton on May 13 to play his new show at the Great Western Hotel.

He's revered as an iconic Aussie around the globe and there would be few proud Australians who don't know the words to his popular songs.

He's performed around the world, from outback pubs to the hallowed halls of the London Palladium. But Kev said it was starting from humble beginnings, originally recording songs on a cassette tape for his mates that kept him grounded.

"I never take that for granted. I didn't start out at this until I was 37; had I started when I was 17, I probably wouldn't have been able to realise how lucky I am," he explained.

"At 37, I had a wife and two kids and by that stage knew the value of it. That stuff I couldn't have dreamed of, I thought I'd just be doing things at footy clubs and the blokes' smokos."

As one of the country's most prolific performers, and a genuinely nice, down-to-earth bloke to boot, it's not surprising he has earned the reputation as one of our country's greatest living treasures.

Or that his humour translates so well abroad.

"I think there's a certain honesty there, without trying to get too deep into what I do. My goal is to make my mates laugh, and if they're laughing I know it's gonna make everyone else laugh," Kev said.

"I stand on stage and have a party for a couple of hours every night, so it's a pretty good gig. I love performing. I'm 68 years old and people ask me, 'When are you gonna retire?' Well I can't retire. If anything, I retired 30 years ago when I first recorded and gave up being a sparky to pursue my passion."


WHAT: Kevin Bloody Wilson live

WHERE: Great Western Hotel

WHEN: Wednesday, May 13, from 8pm

TICKETS: Phone 4922 3888 to book

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