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Man convicted of killing two men may be out in 15 years

A MAN convicted of murder and manslaughter after killing two men in different events will not receive any increase in his jail sentence.

Jamie Rex Teichmann, 40, murdered Carl Upson near Esk in 2010.

The same month, Teichmann killed Michael Manson on the side of a road in Coominya. Mr Manson's body was then placed in the back of a ute that was dumped down a dirt track.

In May this year a jury found him not guilty of murdering Mr Manson but guilty of manslaughter.

His sentence was adjourned pending the outcome of his trial for the murder of Mr Upson.

That trial ended in September when a jury found him guilty of murdering Mr Upson.

Teichmann was immediately sentenced to life behind bars.

The court heard on Friday he had appealed this conviction.

At Brisbane District Court on Friday Teichmann was sentenced to 10 years jail for the manslaughter of Mr Manson.

The murder sentence meant Teichmann would be eligible for parole in 15 years, and this did not change after Friday's manslaughter sentence.

The prosecution argued Teichmann's parole eligibility should be extended to ensure he served longer behind bars because he had been convicted of killing two people.

Prosecutor David Meredith said given the murder sentence, Teichmann would technically not be further punished for killing another person unless his parole eligibility was extended.

But Teichmann's defence team argued he should be sentenced the same as he would have been at the end of the trial for the manslaughter of Mr Manson.

Supreme Court Justice John Bond agreed with the defence.

"The defendant should not be worse off because of the timing for which I am conducting this sentencing hearing," he said.

"The defendant must be sentenced for the crimes for which he was convicted before me." - APN NEWSDESK

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