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Man escapes drugs only to be caught with weapons

A FORMER Hervey Bay man, who recently moved to Rockhampton to look for work and escape the drug scene, was caught with two firearms he was disposing off.

However, Magistrate Cameron Press did not buy he was disposing of the weapons, noting the number of charges on the 36-year-old’s six-page criminal history that related to weapon possession.

Earl James Martin pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court last Monday to possessing firearms, ammunition and failing to take care of hypodermic syringes.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Peter Rumford said police intercepted Martin on Elizabeth St, Urangan, at 2.30pm on September 7.

Mr Rumford said police noted Martin appeared nervous and anxious and walked away from them.

Police asked Martin to slow down and asked him to show them what was inside his bag, which he replied he would rather not. Police saw the nuzzle of a handgun protruding from the unzipped bag and arrested him.

Police found three used syringes and two homemade short firearms and checks revealed the defendant was not a weapons licence holder.

Lawyer Joanne Madden said Martin had just cleaned his home and was in the process of disposing of the items.

Ms Madden said he was clean from drugs and had recently moved from Hervey Bay to get away from people he had been mixing with and to look for work.

She said he had a job offer and had no further weapons in his possession.

Martin addressed Mr Press directly and said the last couple years of his life had been “pretty s---“.

“That’s not why you carry weapons, because your life isn’t going well,” Mr Press said.

“You become part of an underbelly of society ... and that’s why you would be carrying them around.”

Martin was sentenced to four months imprisonment, suspended for one year and fined $1000.

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