Man filmed sex, threatened to publish on social media

A man who threatened to distribute footage of himself having sex with a former partner sent a screenshot of the video being uploaded to a social media site to the victim after they broke up.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty on April 14 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to three counts of breaching police protection orders, one of wilful damage and one of threatening person to distribute visual footage against their wishes.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Peter Rumford said police had the protection order put in place after the man made the footage distribution threat which came about as the relationship came to an end.

He said the defendant sent the victim a message at 7.40pm on February 10 saying “wonder if the boys would like this”, then sent the victim a copy of the video of them having sex.

Senior Constable Rumford said the victim told police she recalled the sex incident, but was not aware video was shot.

He said checks revealed the video, despite a screenshot showing it was being uploaded, was not published on any social media sites.

About a month later, the pair was together again when the woman was about to leave at 9.30pm.

Senior Constable Rumford said the defendant was at the victim’s Frenchville residence when she told him she was going to walk to the bank.

He said the defendant told the woman it was not safe to walk alone at night, but she insisted on going alone.

Senior Constable Rumford said they had a discussion and during it, the defendant said “do whatever you want, you dumb sl--”.

He said the woman did not go for the walk and instead did chores.

Senior Constable Rumford said about 15 minutes later, they discussed some text messages which the woman had read on the defendant’s mobile phone which concerned her and disgusted her.

He said the woman told the defendant she thought he was a paedophile and she was unsure if she should contact police.

Senior Constable Rumford said she then told him she did not want him around their son.

He said the defendant got angry and argued with the woman, telling her “now I know what you think of me. I may as well just kill myself”.

Senior Constable Rumford said the defendant then threatened the woman, saying he would “slice her throat as well”.

He said the defendant removed a knife from a backpack, held it to his left forearm and attempted to cut his arm.

Senior Constable Rumford said the victim did not see any blood and attempted to take the knife from the defendant, but he held it away from her.

He said the woman then went to bed.

Senior Constable Rumford said that about 12.40am the next day, the defendant was sitting on the couch, holding a knife to his left wrist, attempting to cut it.

He said the victim asked the defendant what he was doing to which he replied “don’t worry. Go to sleep” and “I’m sorry if you wake up and the couch is filled with blood”.

The pair had a discussion to which the defendant threatened to kill her and himself.

The woman packed the defendant’s bag and placed it, with a pillow, near the front door.

The defendant grabbed the items and laid down in the driveway.

Senior Constable Rumford said soon after, the defendant asked if he could be let back inside as it was raining outside.

Police attended and the defendant was taken to the hospital for mental health concerns.

Senior Constable Rumford said two to four hours later, the defendant returned to the woman’s residence and fell asleep on the couch.

He said the woman woke the defendant up to speak to him about messenger conversations he had been having with a young female.

Senior Constable Rumford said the woman told the defendant to leave the residence.

He said as the woman closed the front door behind him, the defendant yelled at her, calling her a ‘f--- head’ for believing other people.

The defendant then kicked the closed door, causing damage to the timber frame, and entered the residence.

The woman asked the defendant to leave and he told her not lock the door and called her a ‘dumb sl--’.

He told her to call his parents and he remained at the residence until the following morning.

Defence lawyer Samantha Legrady said her client, 27, worked in the Yeppoon area doing yard work and had little family support.

She said he was waiting on a formal mental health diagnosis, possibly of schizophrenia or paranoid schizophrenia.

Ms Legrady said her client complained of “losing it” and not remembering anything that happened.

Magistrate Jason Schubert said the defendant’s behaviour was degrading of the victim with “cowardly threats” made.

He ordered the defendant to a head sentence of five months prison with immediate parole, along with a three-month prison term, wholly suspended and operational for 12 months.

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