Robert Ian Trebeck.
Robert Ian Trebeck. Photo Facebook

What we couldn't say about Alexis' killer during the trial

ROBERT Ian Trebeck gave a slight nod of his head, his eyes closed as the Supreme Court jury read the guilty verdict to the courtroom.

The killer showed no more emotion as he listened to the impact his "heinous act" had on the family of Alexis Jeffery, the woman he strangled and suffocated to death on the banks of Goondiwindi's Macintyre River on March 16, 2014.

He stood with his hands in his pockets as Justice Glenn Martin sentenced him to life in prison for the murder of young mother he first met on Facebook three weeks before killing her that morning.

>> Alexis' family speaks out: 'There is no forgiveness and there never will be'

His weapon of choice was the same light blue denim jeans Ms Jeffery wore to the pub when he first met her.

Rumpled and riddled with his DNA, the jeans were found in a hedge just 150m from where he had dragged the young mother-of-three's body after he killed her.

The guilty verdict was met with gasps - from Ms Jeffery's family and Trebeck's mother who sobbed as Crown prosecutor Carl Heaton QC called for life in prison.

He revealed Trebeck had been previously convicted of breaches to domestic violence orders in the past - a fact kept from the jury.

Ms Jeffery's mother Elana Jeffery struggled through tears as she spoke of the hole Trebeck's "wilful, hateful act" left behind.

Alexis Jeffery. Contributed from Facebook, March 17, 2014.
Alexis Jeffery. Contributed from Facebook, March 17, 2014.

"In losing her, I have lost the things that parents look forward to such as making wedding plans one day for their child, and sharing experiences with them as grandparents as their children grow up," she said.

"I resent that Robert Trebeck is breathing and my daughter is not due to his actions.

"It is every single moment of every single day that I think Alexis my daughter, Alexis a sister, and most importantly Alexis a mother should be here with us, with her children."

Ms Jeffery's step-father Christopher Allen said he struggled to believe compassion still existed in a world where actions such as Trebeck's could happen with no thought for others.

"And what is more terrifying is that he has shown no remorse or guilt for his actions," Mr Allen read to the courtroom.

"All we have seen is attempts to lie and deceive so that he could get away with what he did."

"The only person who knows why he did what he did is Robert Trebeck himself.

"The rest of us ... will likely spend the rest of our lives looking for that answer."

Justice Martin declared the 804 days Trebeck spent in pre-sentence custody as time served.

In sentencing Trebeck, he said: "You have taken a daughter, a mother, and shattered a family."

"You have shown no remorse; you have told numerous lies to your family, the police.

"You blamed members of your own family for you being a suspect and you created a vicious fantasy in which you told your final lie that another person is responsible."

EARLIER: HIS actions were impulsive, but deadly.

Robert Ian Trebeck hadn't planned to kill Alexis Crystal Maree Jeffery on the banks of the Macintyre River on March 16, 2014, but some time between 3.30am and 5.30am that day, he did.

He killed her by wrapping the mother-of-three's jeans around her neck and pulling tight, covering her face with enough force that her struggles were in vain, after the pair "fooled around" earlier that morning.

Then, having killed her, he dragged her body down a levee bank before scrunching up his murder weapon and a pair of black underwear and shoving them into a thick green hedge 100m away on Short St.

His motive for killing the 24-year-old has never been revealed but by virtue of their verdict, the four-women, eight-men jury in the Toowoomba Supreme Court found he was responsible for snuffing out the young mother's life.

It took the jury three and a half hours to return the unanimous decision after a marathon two-week trial which heard from many witnesses and a defence counsel who tried to paint another man as the murderer.

Justice Glenn Martin sentenced Trebeck to life in prison.

EARLIER: A FOUR-WOMEN and eight-men jury has found Robert Ian Trebeck guilty of the murder of Goondiwindi woman Alexis Jeffery.

Justice Glenn Martin AM sentenced Trebeck to life in prison.

The jury deliberated for about three hours before returning the verdict moments ago.

Trebeck had pleaded not guilty to her murder.

He was accused of killing Ms Jeffery on the morning of March 16, 2014.

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