UPDATE 11AM: Two dogs were trapped inside the burning Brookwater home where four people managed to escape with minor injuries last night.

One of the dogs, a cocker spaniel puppy, was seen this morning scratching at one of the windows near the front door and was removed by police around 8am.

The RSPCA has now been called in to retrieve the second, older dog, before police and fire investigators can begin inspecting the property.

Both dogs are believed to be unharmed.

Floor collapses as police probe Brookwater house fire

UPDATE 10AM: The upstairs ensuite where four people hid after a man drove his car into a house at Brookwater last night has collapsed. 

Four terrified people hid in the upstairs bathroom of a Birchwood Cres home while a man doused the property with an accelerant then set it alight, about 7.30pm.

The three women, aged 48, 23 and 18, and an 18-year-old man, took shelter in the upper floor after the 37-year-old man drove his BMW into the double lock-up garage, to gain entry to the property.

Police allege that once inside, he set about lighting the fire. 

The four occupants managed to escape the burning home while neighbours threw water on the man, who had collapsed in the front yard, engulfed in flames. 

The man is now in an induced coma in the Royal Brisbane Hospital after suffering burns to 90% of his body.

This morning the floor where the four had taken shelter has collapsed and the roof has caved in. 

Police believe that area is where the fire was started. 

Two dogs were inside at the time, but both survived the flames. 

A cocker spaniel puppy named Charlie was reunited with his owners at the house shortly after 8am, his tail wagging as he was placed in the arms of a young girl who escaped the home and was released from the hospital earlier. 

The second, older dog is still inside among the debris of the destroyed house and the RSPCA has been called to remove the dog before investigators go inside. 

Ipswich Criminal Investigation Branch Acting inspector Heath McQueen says it's not clear at this stage whether the house is safe for investigators to freely enter, given the structural integrity of the building appears to have been compromised.


Man fighting for life after Brookwater inferno

EARLIER: Police are investigating the circumstances that led to a man crashing a luxury car into a home before allegedly setting it on fire.

About 7.30pm, a man drove a BMW into the garage door of the home on Birchwood Cres.

Moments later a blaze destroyed the house and left the man with burns to 90% of his body.

Four people were inside the home at the time. They all sustained minor burns and one woman required transport to hospital.

A neighbour who lives several hundred metres away reported hearing screaming coming from the house, before walking down to see a man with horrific burns to most of his body.

The man has been taken to the Royal Brisbane Hospital in a serious condition.

Detectives will concentrate their investigations on the alleged argument that led to the car being driven into the garage door.

Initial investigations suggest the man poured fuel through the house before deliberately lighting the fire.

Police say all occupants of the house and the man in the vehicle are known to each other.


Man, woman hurt as car crashes into home, bursts into flames

6AM: The driver of a car and the occupant of a house are in hospital after a car crashed into the property and burst into flames.

Police say the car drove into the garage at Brookwater at about 7.30pm last night before exploding.

The house quickly became engulfed by flames and QFES were unable to save the structure.

The male driver suffered severe burns to 90 percent of his body and was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

The female resident suffered minor burns and was also transported to hospital.

Paramedics also treated three other people at the scene for various injuries and burns.

Police have since declared a crime scene and investigations are continuing into the cause of the blaze.


Five suffer injuries and burns as car crashes into house

UPDATE 10PM: Police are investigating a suspicious house fire in Brookwater last night.

Preliminary information suggests at about 7.30pm a vehicle crashed through the garage of a residence on Birchwood Cres.

Police and QFES attended the scene after the home became fully engulfed by fire.

A man sustained extensive burns and was transported to Royal Brisbane Hospital in a serious condition.

A woman also sustained minor burns and was taken to hospital for further treatment.

Paramedics also treated three other people at the scene for various injuries and burns.

A crime scene has been declared and investigations are continuing into the cause of the blaze.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.


Man sustains serious burns after car crashes into house

EARLIER: A man sustained serious burns to most of his body following an apparent domestic disturbance at Brookwater on Monday evening.

Police say fire engulfed a home on Birchwood Cres, Brookwater, about 7.30pm, after a car was driven into the house.

A neighbouring resident, who lives about 400m away, says he heard loud screaming.

"They sounded really distressed and I thought that doesn't sound right at all," he said. "I ran down there and I could see that someone was lying on the ground and they were hosing him off. It didn't look good."

Police say a man, who was suspected to have been driving the vehicle involved, sustained burns to 90% of his body.

Queensland Ambulance Service confirmed the man was treated at the scene before being transported to the Royal Brisbane Hospital with significant burns.

A female patient was also treated for burns at the property but her condition is not known at this time.

Police say other people inside the house at the time appear to have escaped the blaze.

The Ipswich Criminal Investigation Branch has been called in to investigate the circumstances leading up to the fire.

Police say initial information suggests there was a disturbance at the house, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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